Light it up: Be inspired, Fall in Love, and Be Proud of Filipino cuisine with Lampara Neo-Filipino Bistro

You never know what to expect in dining places, especially when the first one you see are steps of stairs that would bring you to what might be a magical food and drinks experience you would keep coming back to.

With that, there is no denying that Filipinos have a huge, unwavering love for food, especially Filipino food of course, and that is what Lampara Neo-Filipino Bistro is about. Opened just December of last year, the people behind Lampara Neo-Filipino Bistro actually worked in a restaurant in BGC before, until they got into talking of opening their own as they saw an opportunity to inspire others to try Filipino cuisine as well as be proud of Filipino cuisine.

Everything being a collaborative effort, from each and every dish and drink to the design of the place, Lamapara Neo-Filipino Bistro takes the classic Filipino food and the typical dining experience you love more than just up a notch.

Lighting up your Lampara Neo-Filipino Bistro dining moment, their Rice Cups (Php 220) which actually is their take on your ultimate fave easy eat, the lumpia. Comes in 5 pieces that are a mix of two variants – one is of longganisa, ubod, and aligue, and the other is of bean sprouts, peanut, and tofu. It is good as it is, but try putting some sinamak vinegar onto it and you are going to delight in it even more.

Another small plate that you will no doubt enjoy is their Dinuckduckan (Php 360) which is actually the famous pinoy dish called Dinakdakan, but instead of using pig face, Lampara Neo-Filipino Bistro decided to use duck breast. With the duck breast sauteed with onion, this one also has fried egg, crispy duck skin, calamansi, green chili, and special mayo to make it even more flavorful.

With your tummy a bit satiated, you will not be able to deny that your cravings might have heightened even more, but do not worry because Lampara Neo-Filipino’s Pork (Php 380) will hit your craving spot and have you real satisfied. With black vinegar, star anise, and a load of pork floss on top, this one is undeniably a pork party in one plate.

From savories, take a leap to their enders which are their desserts. A bestseller of theirs is the Yema & Tsokolate (Php 220) which is of tablea shortbread filled with yema and chocolate, with a bit of rock salt to balance the taste. This one also has a Davao Malagos chocolate tablea tuille, condensed milk, and honey. No surprise, this one is a bestseller and while everyone is confused as how to eat it, well, the best way is actually to crack it and then mix it altogether.

After having an unforgettable meal, do not even say pass on their tasty cocktails, especially their Signature Cocktails. Try out their Pana Kakana Kana (Php 350) which is an Indian inspired cocktail that is of gin, black pepper, Cardamom – a spice that came from all the way from India, hence the name of the drink.

Speaking of inspiration, this next Signature Cocktail of Lampara Neo-Filipino Bistro took inspiration from the famous Manila Kingpin. Asiong (Php 350) might look all cute and pretty, but this is kind of a yummy, strong one as it is of gin, black currant, and cinnamon.

For when you want a kiss of sweetness from your drink, do not hesitate to go for their Signature Cocktail called Tinutong (Php 350). Inspired from whiskey sour, but is of a difderent taste, this one is of whiskey and is infused with barley and toasted rice. Truly, a lovely drink that would have you happily sipping.

Having a concised menu, they are actually planning to release more dishes that would no doubt strike the hearts of many. If you are a fan of veggies, seafood, or soup, then you definitely should watch out for their new releases. Lampara Neo-Filipino dishes are really of and for the Filipino cuisine. They may look a bit different, but with utmost respect to roots and classics, the essence of Filipino food is still in the taste of each.

With a fascination on fire, Lampara Neo-Filipino Bistro hopes to give more light to the Filipino cuisine, to be able to inspire others to try it, love it, and be proud of it as well.

They are getting full quick, so if you want to dine with them, it would be better if you reserve a table or two, depending on how many you are, first. Hence, for reservations, you can call 09171735883.

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Address: 5883 Enriquez, Makati, 1210 Metro Manila

Contact Number: 0917 173 5883

Hours of Operation: Mondays to Wednesdays, 6PM to 1AM, Thursdays to Saturdays 6PM to 2AM

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