Light the Pit: Grill the formality away and Revel in good meat with Heat Stroke Grill

Belonging in a family who loves get togethers and catching up, reminiscing the good ole days of hide and seek with cousins and of our once hated nap time which we all regret not taking now that we are adults, the perfect chi-cha for us are tender, delicious grilled meat.

With grilled meat having a special place in my heart, Heat Stroke Grill has brought memories of fun times as we dig into some of their dishes. Turning up the heat, making things really hot, and searing scrumptious tender meat, Heat Stroke Grill is giving us our grilled classics that we have loved from the start. Emanating chill vibes and a fun, laid back attitude, this food joint creates both a festive and a casual atmosphere.


Already dropping the bomb even just to start is one of Heat Stroke Grill Specials, the Grilled Pork Belly Binagoongan.  Binagoongan itself is a classic Filipino dish we love eating. Leveling it up with grilled pork is surely a double win for us!

With a blend of salty and sweet from the Grilled Pork Belly Binagoongan, this dish would really make you reach for some rice. Good thing Heat Stroke Grill has more than just plain rice which makes this food adventure even more fun than it already is. Order that yummy dish with Heat Stroke Grill’s Spicy Rice and that experience would be dropping more than just a single bomb.


If you are more of a seafood fan, do not fret because Heat Stroke Grill has something that is fit to your liking – the Grilled Scallops. This one is perfect for teasing your taste buds, with the oozing flavors of the sea, fresh from the grill, just at the tip of your tongue, you will be wanting to have some more.


Teasing you with more soft and juicy, lip-smacking goodness, their Chicken Kebab is so worth it. Grilled with delight and to perfection, this Heat Stroke Grill Special dish is the right meal for enjoying a lovely time with your family, friends, or even by just yourself.


With grilled scallops and chicken kebab, what’s lacking is a Filipino staple that is rice. For this one, though, it’s not just any rice, because we got to try and enjoy Annatto (Atsuete) Rice. It adds an aromatic flavor to the palate, one that would make you do yummy noises, for sure.



Now, of course, food is best when shared, so if you are coming with loved ones, we recommend you order the Heat Stroke Grill All-In Platter. Basing from its name, of course, it is a platter filled with meatastic extaravaganza! With two pork belly inasal, two HSG chicken, full rack of ribs, and rice, this mouthwatering platter is good for 5 to 6 grilled meat fans.


Leaning more into a classic comfort food is Heat Stroke Grill Sisig Meal, which you can get either with Chicken or Pork. We got to have it as a Pork Sisig Meal and all we could say is it undeniably was heavenly. The crunch fun, the punch of spice, the warmth it brings – that’s the trio of goodness you don’t want to miss out on.


If you are looking for a healthy option, then don’t worry because Heat Stroke Grill has their Salad with Grilled Chicken for you. Enjoy a hefty serving of a light, nutritious meal while still taking pleasure of that grilled-meat-love-of-your-life which is grilled chicken.


Although, if you are totally down with no inhibitions, get yourself the Complete Heat Stroke Grill Meal. It is an all in one great full meal that comes with your choice of meat, rice, and sauce. For your meat, you can choose between pork belly inasal or HSG chicken. For rice, you can have annatto, spicy, or the classic white or plan rice. While for your sauce, go crazy with chimichurri, harissa, soy ginger, or sweet soy sauce.

Heat Stroke Grill is such a wonderful food spot to get your grilled meat fix. With an overall awesome menu offering, plus their dishes not hurting your pocket, eating here is truly a pleasure that is free from guilt and worry of tomorrow. Enjoy each dish with people close to your heart and everything will be even more delicious!

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