Lights, Camera, Action!: Experience and taste the marvelous Hollywood with Movie Stars Café!




Took inspiration from the glitz and glam of the well-known and the fabulous Hollywood, Movie Stars Café opened just last August 2018, entertaining people with their instagram-worthy, even blog post worthy huge space that can accommodate 320 diners and watchers alike.


Offering a fusion of Italian, Japanese, and Filipino cuisine, do not be confused with their menu as each and every dish is named after different movies, but still tastes exquisite, nonetheless.


With that, Movie Stars Café also has VIP rooms that can be rented for Php 5000 worth of consumable for a minimum of 10 pax.


Having an array of lovely food choices, the Pocahontas (Php 460) is actually a clam chowder that would definitely take you along a journey to a new world – the world made with chopped clams and diced potatoes in a mixed cream and milk base, often with a small amount of butter.


Following that is an appetizer named Karate Kid (Php 320) which is a Karaage, so get ready to wax on, wax off once you get a load of this bite-size Japanese fried chicken dipped in sake, soy sauce, ginger, and garlic coated with potato starch.


Next is an all time favorite, an Okonomiyaki called RAN (Php 660) because there is nothing wrong with treating yourself to a contemporary Japanese cuisine with this okonomiyaki pizza decked with cabbage, tender pork, squid bits, shrimp, and egg.


Going big with a Double Cheese Burger, the Double Trouble (Php 580) will absolutely double not only the trouble, but your appetite as well as this charcoal grilled burger has double the cheese on the inside, outside, with even more melted cheese oozing on top. Plus, this one is served with potato wedges on the side.


And you know what is bigger than that? The Big Hero (PHp 740) is the take of Movie Stars Café on a Filipino classic dish, the Crispy Pata that is big in size which  is great for your big appetite so go on and take a bite on this meaty dish dipped in their specially concocted vinegar and soy dip. Your stomach will be roaring for this tender crispy pata, slowly simmered in water along with other spices, and deep friend until crunchy.


Another meaty adventure you are to embark on is the Rebecca (Php 880) which is a Tenderloin Steak that would satisfy your appetite, alongside fresh veggies with a mouthful of yummy mashed potato with an additional choice of serving with rice or bread so do not hesitate in indulging in this mouth-watering meal you deserve!


Lastly, to satisfy your sweet tooth, the Afternoon Tea Set (Php 499) which is actually about to come out yet is a set of mini pastries namely blueberry cheesecake, chocolate almond éclair, chocolate chip scones, papa roti, pavlova, carrot cake, and mini donuts. It also comes with a choice of English Tea or a coffee-based drink from the Barista Section.


For drink you can try out their refreshing MSC Iced Tea (Php 150) that is sure to rejuvenate your tired soul from the toxic day or even week you had.


However, if you feel like you need more than just a refreshment, you can have a wonderful cup of their Cappuccino (Hot Php 180 | Cold Php 200) to wake you up even more and help you shoo your stress away.

Movie Stars café is such an amazing place that it is hard to deny how easy it was to be wowed by the totality of it, especially they have stage performances starting from 7PM daily that is sure to be of enjoyment to you, to your friends, to your family, or anyone dear to you.

Follow Movie Stars Cafe’ on their Social Media Pages below:

Facebook: Movie Stars Cafe’

Instagram: Movie Stars Cafe’

Official Website:

Address: G/F Centris Station, EDSA cor, Quezon Ave, Diliman, Quezon City, Metro Manila

Contact Number: (02) 987 1111

Hours of Operation:  Sundays to Thursdays, 10AM to 11PM, Fridays and Saturdays, 10AM to 12AM

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