Live life with a bit of spice as you dine with Restoran Garuda – one of Indonesia’s most famed restaurants

The world is really such an amazing place to be in, offering so much to its dwellers – from destinations to visit, down to every nook and cranny of each country that of course, has their own cuisine that they are proud of much like Indonesia which is known as not only one of the most vibrant and colorful cuisines in the world, but also one that is full of intense flavors that would sure to throw your palate a party like no other.

With that comes Restoran Garuda, considered to be one of Indonesia’s most famed restaurants, serving their popular dishes that will certainly open your taste buds in order to experience not only flavors, but also textures like you have never tried out before. This Indonesian restaurant is not only big in Indonesia, but also has presence in Singapore and of course in Manila as they have been making a buzz in the Metro about their beautiful, cozy space and a wide selection of feisty, delicious food offering!

Starting with a few of their Appetizers that are their bestsellers, one of which is the Sate (Ayam – Chicken Php 255 | Daging – Beef Php 280 | Vegetarian Php 250 | Tofu Php 255) which is Jakarta’s most popular street food as this char-grilled skewer is marinated in traditional herbs then smothered in their signature peanut sauce, topped with fried shallots.

Next is called the Martabak (Ayam – Chicken Php 260 | Daging – Beef Php 280 | Vegetarian – Minced Mushroom Php 290) which is an easy favorite as this one is of a savory pancake with your choice of filling combined with Indonesian flavors, pan-fried to a perfect crisp.

Another is the Sate Padang (Ayam – Chicken Php 255 | Daging – Beef Php 280 | Vegetarian Php 250 | Tofu Php 255) which is a variation of the traditional sate because this char-grilled skewer is first coated in a spiced dry rub then topped with a creamy curry sauce, balancing and at the same enhancing its flavors even more.

Heading onto Restoran Garuda’s Main Courses, a must-try is the Rendang (Daging – Beef Sirloin Php 360 | Vegetarian Php 295 | Ayam – Half Chicken Php 325 | Ayam – Boneless Chicken Php 315) as this is actually a signature dish of theirs which comes with your choice of meat simmered in fresh coconut milk and traditional Indonesian spices cooked for hours to immerse you in all its flavors.

While the Ayam Panggang (Php 325) is a serving of charcoal grilled chicken thigh fillets marinated in a combination of traditional herbs and served with a dipping sauce that gives off a tangy flavor that you would surely delight in.

Other than that, another chicken dish is the Ayam Goreng Garuda (Php 325) which is Restoran Garuda’s version of the classic half fried chicken topped with coconut flakes that is a mishmash of delectable flavors and great texture and which is a fun dish to munch on.

While the Mushroom Lada Hitam (Php 255) is a dish that would make vegetarians jump for joy as this one is a lovely order of sizzling fresh mushrooms sizzled, of course, with mouthwatering pepper sauce that will make you dig into it more and more.

Besides from some appetizers and main courses, Restoran Garuda also has Rice and Noodle dishes that are certainly either going to blow you away or make you blow some air as some of it are of strong flavors which is nothing to complain about because everything is downright delicious, like the Nasi Goreng Special (Ayam – Chicken Php 270 | Daging – Beef Php 290 | Vegetarian Php 260) which is a luscious fried rice infused with Restoran Garuda’s very own signature flavors.

The other rice dish you have got to try is the Nasi Goreng Jawa (Ayam – Chicken Php 250 | Daging – Beef Php 270 | Vegetarian Php 250) which is a hefty bowl of Indonesian style fried rice with the perfect combination of traditional flavors.

For a noodle dish, your way to go is their Mee Goreng (Ayam – Chicken Php 280 | Daging – Beef Php 295 | Vegetarian Php 280) as this one is of a dish that is Jakarta-style fried noodles with your choice of meat and combination of vegetables for that added crunch punch.

And of course, with a party of taste and texture in your palate, you can cool it down with a few of their desserts that are all great-tasting, undeniably! The Pandan Cake (Php 195) is a lovely colored pastry that is of a refreshingly light and fluffy chiffon cake infused with pandan goodness.

With the Pandan Cake surely hitting your sweet spot, Restoran Garuda’s Salted Caramel Cake (Php 195) is just downright to die for as you are absolutely going to call dibs on this one! Moist chocolate cake smothered with salted caramel fun? Who in their right mind would say no to this kind of an all-time favorite?

Top that all off with a charming bowl of yum which is the Indonesian version of a famous Filipino delicacy that everyone is raving for especially on a hot summer day. The Es Campur (Php 195) is Indonesia’s take on Halo-Halo which is a splendid sweet ending to a rather spicy meal!

Having some comfy, black couches and vivid yellow lighting, Restoran Garuda is like a temptation, a call for relaxation in actualization that would be hard to say no to. And why are you even saying no to it in the first place? Restoran Garuda totally knows how to put some spice into your life so be sure to check them out sooner rather than later!

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Official Website:

Address: 166 Salcedo St., Ground Floor, Beneficial Life Building, Legazpi Village, Makati, 1227 Metro Manila

Contact Number: (02) 824 3440

Hours of Operation: Mondays to Sundays: 11AM to 10PM

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