Live your healthy and yummy dream life with Pesc + Keto

Promised yourself growth this year? Trying out a new lifestyle for the better you? Learning how to take care of yourself better, but don’t have that much time to cook something up in the kitchen? Worry no more, because Pesc + Keto got your back!

Offering Pescatarian and Ketogenic homemade specials, Pesc + Keto will surely be a hit in your home, because they are not only healthy, but also, filling and yummy, for sure. Every dish they have in their menu is certainly well-thought of and mouthwatering, and all you have to do is wait for them to cook it for you.

Currently, Pesc + Keto has 6 lipsmacking good offerings overall – 3 for Pescatarian and 3 for Ketogenic. We were able to snatch more than one of their dishes, and without a doubt, we could say, we loved every mouthful of each.

From their Pescatarian selection, we went for their Salmon, which is also great for Ketogenic Diet, and their Squid. Their Salmon (Php 460) is a serving of creamy salmon with cherry tomatoes, sundried tomatoes, white wine, heavy cream, spinach, and French string beans, while their Squid (Php 310) is a hearty serving of sliced squid with red chillies, curry leaves, salted, and heavy cream. Yum in every spoonful, we assure you!

Meanwhile, under their ketogenic selection, what we had was their Shrimp, and this one is also okay for Pescatarians. Their Shrimp (Php 360) is a generous plate of shrimps, chopped garlic, red onion, chilli flakes, and chives, so expect to have a bit of a delicious kick when you go for this one too.

Catch more of Pesc + Keto by visiting their Instagram Page. Their Highlights are very informational as they even included the Nutritional Information for each dish in the Menu Highlight. If you have any special requests, feel free to send them a message. To order, they have an Order Form ready to be filled out.

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