Locavore is serving classic Filipino dishes with unique twists that are so worth the loca!

Starting with baby steps by having a goal that is to provide a street dining experience that uses homegrown dishes, Locavore has grown so much and has been taking leaps as they now champion in local cuisine with classic Filipino delicacies that have unique twists. As they have been making high jumps, their current goal is to enhance cultural favorites and give them new life, which actually is the embodiment of their name.


Have a taste of fusion cuisine and at the same time enjoy the delightfulness of each dish as each and every thing on Locavore’s menu uses fresh elements from around our splendid country, the Philippines.




Highlighting a rustic modern feel with seating options comfy enough and perfect for groups, Locavore has truly snatched the hearts of many people – may it be their loyal customers or new diners.



With a lot of appetizing dishes in their menu, the Oyster Mangga, Bagoong (Php 255) which is a dish from their Pampagana selection, also known as the appetizers, is of fried aklan oyster, labuyo aioli, mango, bagoong, and slaw.


After  having an appetizer, Locavore served a dish from their Merienda selection, the Lechon Mami (Php 250) is a hearty bowl of lechon belly, bokchoy, mushrooms, egg noodles, soft-boiled egg, and fried garlic that is definitely worth sharing.


Onto their mains, the first one is known to be Dr. Jose Rizal’s favorite dish; the Tinola Chicken (Php 350) is served with ½ boneless chicken, Hainanese style, ginger oil, together with three condiments that would enhance the delicious flavor even more – calamansi ginger, chili garlic, and fish sauce.


Following that is another that has soup, the Pho Lalo (Php 670) is a dish interestingly plated which comes with bone marrow, beef shank, hafan noodles, cilantro, calamansi, and bean sprouts. The noodles were undeniably a delight to eat!


True to what Locavore is proud of, which is giving classic Filipino delicacies a unique twist, the Sizzling Sinigang (Php 550) is a dish that would certainly pique your curiosity even just upon hearing its name. Comes in a sizzling plate filled with beef short ribs, sautéed French beans, sampaloc gravy, and garlic confit, this dish is something you should not miss when eating at Locavore.


Another one that is of the sizzle and surprisingly is actually a dessert, the Sizzling Pandesal Pudding (Php 250) is a wonderful sweet treat that is of custard, cheese, salted egg, dulce de leche, milk, and pandesal. Topping that all off with a generous scoop of a yummy ice cream, the mishmash of hot and cold is hands down such a wonder for the palate!

Locavore has certainly reached great heights and nothing can stop them as they are not going  tolet any height stop them, especially they are determined in continuing paving their way into perfecting delicious dishes which can be enjoyed whether you are to dine in as an individual, with your special someone, with your friends, with your family, or even with your colleagues.

Be sure to check out Locavore as they delectably are growing more and more which cannot be denied, especially now that they have four branches around the metro – one in Pasig City, another in Taguig City, while two are in Makati City, and Pasay City.

Featured Branch: Locavore Valero St. Makati

Address: Ground Floor, Three Central, Valero, Makati, Metro Manila

Contact Number: (02) 879 2667

Hours of Operation: 10AM to 12AM

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