Lola Cafe now at S Maison Conrad Hotel!

Lola Cafe is known as a delicious gem in Quezon City that is filled with warmth and love, which then expanded to Podium and now, to S Maison Mall. With the promise to carry the same care and appreciation that grandmommas have, Lola Cafe has been a venue of breakfast to lift spirits, of lunch to make tummies full, of meriendas to cheer up moods, and of dinner to make sure everyone feels loved. And with all that, Lola Cafe brings to the table free-formed Filipino cuisine that takes its own twist to classic Pinoy dishes.

Plus, as Lola Cafe’s setting is a cozy place wherein customers could settle in and unwind, they also have been a home to many events and celebrations like birthdays, anniversaries, and many more special occasions that have left a mark in the hearts of their guests; making those guests come back. However, their warmth and hospitality are not the only reasons of their guests coming back, but of course, their food as well!

Grilled Caesar Salad
Chorizo Gambas
Bone Marrow Sisig

Getting more into their food, Lola Cafe sure is famous for serving hearty meals that are great for groups, but before digging into their mains, their Chicken Molo Soup which is of homemade garlic broth with chicken meatballs and vegetables; their Grilled Caesar Salad which is of romaine lettuce, smoked bacon, bagoong dressing, and parmesan; their Chorizo Gambas which is of plump shrimps with chorizo, garlic, and chili; as well as their Bone Marrow Sisig which is of grilled bone marrow, sisig, and kamias jam are just a few of their tasty Appetizers their guests sure have enjoyed with their loved ones.

Bicol Express

For their Mains, Lola Cafe sure has a lot of yummy dishes to offer like their Bicol Express which is of coconut beurre blanc, pork belly, bagoong, and chilis; their Roasted Belly Tocino which is of roastd pork belly, brushed with home amde tocino sauce, and lola vinegar; and their Boneless Chicken Inasal which is of lemongrass and annatto marinated boneless chicken, lola atchara, and lola vinegar.

 Meanwhile, their Coconut Chopseuy which is of mixed veggies, coconut meat, and cooked in coconut water; their Sizzling Bangus Ala Pobre which is of pan fried bangus, garlic confit, and ala pobre sauce; as well as their Salmon Sinigang Rice which is of grilled salmon belly, miso sauce, tamarind and tomato rice are great for their diners are looking for something less ematy, but absolutely satisfying still.

Shrimp Aligue

Although, that’s not all Lola Cafe has to offer as they also have plates of pasta that got their diners going gaga, especially their Pasta Negra which is of squid ink, aligue, and baby squid as well as their Shrimp Aligue which is of truffle oil, Portobello mushroom, and cream.

And of course, bringing their diners a uniquely Pinoy experience when it comes to cheesecake, their Kesong Puti Cheesecake is so worth the rave with its salted latik, bukayo, and all its delectable glory!

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Featured Branch: Lola Cafe – S Maison Conrad Hotel

Address: L2, S Maison Conrad Hotel, Pasay City

Contact Number: (02) 501 2620

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