Look at these new Premium Cakes by House of Lasagna

We’ve had a lot of fun and delicious time with House of Lasagna and every time is like a new experience for us, because they keep on making their menu even more sumptuous than before. This time they have decided to add more sweet to their savory-loaded menu, so you bet we did not waste any time and got their three latest cakes.

The three latest cakes we are talking about are what House of Lasagna calls as their Premium Cakes – and these three are none other than Ultimate Ube Halaya, Classic Carrot, and Dark Chocolate Truffle! These cakes will make your meal time sweeter and more enjoyable, for sure!

The Ultimate Ube Halaya Cake (Php 990 for 9 inches) is a dream come true for every ube fan out there! Being this is a lovely moist ube sponge cake with real ube halaya filling and white chocolate frosting on top, resisting this cake is just not an option.

Speaking of irresistible, House of Lasagna’s Classic Carrot Cake (Php 990 for 9 inches) could be called as that too! Comes as a moist carrot sponge with appetizing hints of cinnamon, covered in velvety cream cheese frosting, and topped with sliced almonds, you will find that a slice of this is just not enough.

Last, but definitely not the least is their Dark Chocolate Truffle Cake (Php 990 for 9 inches) which has just the right amount of sweetness to it, so regardless if you are a sweet lover or not, you are sure to love this cake! Plus, this one is made of moist chocolate sponge with custard filling and dark chocolate truffle frosting making it a fantasy turned into a reality for chocolate lovers.

Each of these cakes made you drool, huh? Don’t even try to deny it, because we saw you wiping your chin and that is okay. So what else are you waiting for? Visit House of Lasagna’s Facebook, Instagram, and Website to further decide what to order and to just give yourself the sweetness and comfort you know you deserve – just like we did!

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