LOOK: Catriona Gray is the Newest Endorser for Jollibee’s Best Ever Jolly Twirl!

Enjoy the best twirl ever with Jollibee’s new and improved soft-serve ice cream formula that is now creamier, thicker and slow-melting!

Miss Universe 2018’s Catriona Gray is known for her lava walk down the runway, punctuated by a slow-motion twirl that captured the hearts of Filipinos and took the rest of world by storm.

Now, she brings that confidence back to her homeland as she joins the Jollibee family as their newest brand ambassador!

Catriona Gray Jollibee
Screencap taken from the new Jollibee commercial

Guests, bloggers and influencers were invited to the grand reveal of their new-and-improved formulation in their San Juan branch last March. The restaurant was decked out in blues and whites– much like the heavenly skies– and people came in angelic white clothes to match the theme. To start off, everyone was treated to Jollibee favorites for lunch: the Jolly Spaghetti paired with crispy Chickenjoy and some Jolly Fries.


During the main event, everyone got to sample the delightfully cool Jolly Twirl offerings, and watch the latest commercial for the first time, which featured Jollibee’s best twirl ever, done by both Twirlee their mascot and Catriona Gray herself:

The Jolly Twirl series is an enjoyable treat and a welcoming respite to the summer heat. From the rich Chocolate Sundae Twirl to the sweet Vanilla Cone Twirl, Jollibee’s ice cream has been a well-loved treat among generations of Filipino diners and fans across the country. The new formulation makes it thicker, creamier and slow-melting for maximum enjoyment.


“As part of Jollibee’s commitment to continuous innovation in every aspect of our customer’s experience with us, we’ve made improvements in our classic dessert to make the soft-serve vanilla ice cream thicker, creamier and slow-melt,” says Kay Segismundo, Jollibee’s Senior Marketing Manager for Complementary Products. “It’s the Jolly Twirl flavor we’ve all grown to love– but made even more delightful!”

The new and improved Jolly Twirl series includes a Chocolate Sundae Twirl (PHP30)– thick and creamy vanilla ice cream in a cup with a generous drizzle of rich, chocolate syrup. On the other hand, the Vanilla Cone Twirl (PHP10) is a no-frills classic that features perfectly twirled ice cream on a crispy cone.


Choose from other summer treats: the Chocolate Cone Twirl (PHP15) is an upgrade to the Vanilla Cone Twirl, which features the same ice cream but this time encased in a hard chocolatey shell. The Mini Chocolate Sundae Twirl (PHP24) is a fun-sized version of the Chocolate Sundae Twirl that comes with the same gooey chocolate syrup atop soft-serve ice cream.


What are you waiting for? Go to the nearest Jollibee branch and grab a sweet treat for yourself!


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