Lotus Court at Marco Polo Davao is giving you a blissful dining experience that is of the tasty Cantonese cuisine!

The lotus flower being able to bloom exquisitely with not only purity, but beauty as well amidst a stinking mud of marshes is a significant symbol in Chinese Culture which represents pureness and perfection of both the heart and the mind.



Having said that, Lotus Court in Marco Polo Davao invites people to relish in Cantonese cuisine at their 80-seater restaurant, while indulging in and enjoying a panoramic view of the Davao skyline.



Said to be one of the best Cantonese restaurants in the Philippines, Lotus Court is all about an abundance of fresh seafood served with impeccable service in a sophisticated and at the same time welcoming and cozy setting.

Chilled Chili Spicy Cucumber

As their menu is constantly changing in order to provide the freshest and seasonal ingredients, we invite you to join us as we dive into this richness of delicious generosity of gifts from the sea and so much more; starting with Chilled Chili Spicy Cucumber and Dimsum Puff that surely was an explosion of flavors as it was an adventure of spice, alongside a garlic-y taste, combined with a sweet taste from the cucumber.

Dimsum Puff

Following that with more Dimsum Puff that were definitely packed with that crunch fun we always loved. While in regards to its taste, it was undeniably delicious, especially with that red lump caviar on top.

Chinese Abalone Soup with Fish Maw and Sea Cucumber

As fans of soup, this next dish was totally something we fully delighted in. The Chinese Abalone Soup with Fish Maw and Sea Cucumber was absolutely hearty and tasty, particularly the fish!

Crispy Fragrant Duck served with fresh Mango

While the Crispy Fragrant Duck served with fresh Mango was an aromatic dish we no doubt took pleasure in every bite. The flavor of the duck blends really well with the sweetness of the mangoes and the kick of spice as we added some chili in it.

The Peking Duck alongside their freshly made homemade tofu


Another dish starring a duck that we got to try was a staple dish of theirs; the Peking Duck alongside their freshly made homemade tofu was all creamy and delectable as this also comes with sauce and bok-choy.

Beef Tenderloin with Lemon and Black Pepper

The next dish which was Stir-fried Beef Tenderloin with Lemon and Black Pepper was a wonderful meat dish that was truly flavorful and tender as we didn’t have a hard time slicing it.

Seafood Fried Rice

For some seafood galore, we didn’t hesitate to dig into their lovely Seafood Fried Rice that was so delicious especially the rice was tossed with fresh, plump seafood.

Honey Glazed Deep Fried Prawns

Lastly, to end this brilliant meal with Marco Polo Davao’s Lotus Court, what they served last was their Honey Glazed Deep Fried Prawns which was certainly a favorite of ours as the shrimps were tender and fresh, oozing with sweet and savory flavors.


Overall, dining here at Lotus Court was a great one as the food was epic and everything was prepared exceptionally because they of course try their best to stick with authenticity. With that, Lotus Court also accepts reservations for events such as engagement parties which can be held at their function rooms that can accommodate 200 people.


In relation to events, Lotus Court of Marco Polo Davao was actually the host of an ASEAN meeting which really was something as they have satisfied the cravings of high-ranking officials that represent the Southeast Asian Nations.




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