Love Bacon? Try Out Pizza Hut’s New Bacon Cheesy Stuffed Crust!

Pizza Hut introduces their newest and meatiest add-on to date: the Bacon Cheesy Stuffed Crust!

How do you eat your pizza? Daintily with a fork and knife? Or do you go at it like an animal by just chomping at it? Do you fold it up, roll it up or eat it backwards? No matter the approach, the possibilities are endless for this hand-held treat.

Pizza is a classic dish of Italian origins, but its journey across the world has made it a fan favorite. Today, pizza is so versatile that it can be prepared with a wide variety of toppings, cheeses and even techniques! Every pizza place has their own signature combination, and Pizza Hut is no stranger to that.

Pizza Hut, the number 1 pizza chain in the world, is an American franchise that made its way to the Philippines in 1984. This popular franchise can be found in all parts of the country, and boasts of an extensive delivery network. This, combined with their freshly made pizzas and affordable prices, makes them a popular choice among Filipinos.

Aside from fresh dough, a special sauce and choice toppings, and 100% imported Mozzarella cheese for extra yummy pizzas, Pizza Hut is the first of its own to pioneer the stuffed crust— an innovative little gimmick that adds taste to what would normally be a bland piece of dough. No to leftover crusts! Everyone gets to enjoy their pizza down to the last crumb.

This July, Pizza Hut introduces their latest stuffed crust: the Bacon-stuffed Cheesy Crust Pizza! Bringing together everyone’s love for bacon and cheese, this crisp cheddar crust encases a mix of gooey and salty goodness.

Bacon it Rain, everyone!

And if you like bacon that much, you can amp it up by pairing this with their Bacon Margherita Pizza— a meatier take on an Italian classic. This version includes the quintessential tomato slices and mozzarella cheese combo with a refreshing tomato sauce, but made even better with bits of bacon added into the mix.

You can even pair your pizza with classics from Pizza Hut, like their crispy Fried Chicken

… or with their new menu items! Their Tater Tots are a great appetizer — crispy little morsels paired with a tang marinara sauce.

On the other hand, their Bacon Mac n’ Cheese is a warm and hearty dish that kids and adults alike would enjoy. It’s creamy, cheesy and salty— everything there is to love.

But the good stuff doesn’t just stop there! From July til August 15, you can upgrade your Bacon Margherita Pizza, or just about any of your favorite Pan Pizzas to include the bacon-stuffed cheesy stuffed crust… for FREE! That’s right— you can save as much as PHP150 with this awesome deal. So hurry over to your nearest Pizza Hut branch, or speed things up by calling their delivery hotline at 911-1111 for Metro Manila deliveries, and #11111 for Provincial orders.

Pizza Hut, you’re bacon me crazy with that pizza of yours!

For more details on their new flavors and exciting promos, visit their website at or check out their Facebook and Instagram.

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