Love thy neighbor – and if that neighbor is the Japanese restaurant named Aburi Manila, then love it even more!


With so much love for travelling and a fascination for the beautiful country Japan, Aburi Manila was brought by the owners to the Philippines with the aim to share what they have experienced in the Land of the Rising Sun. With a mission to serve delicious, unforgettable food that guests will want to return to week after week, Aburi Manila seems to be doing a great job so far, not just because of their commendable service, but of course, because of their scrumptious, interesting food selection.



Dark brown tables with black couches and chairs neatly lined up for a laid back feel, plus a pop of color from Japanese umbrellas on the walls, this place is giving off a vibe perfect not only for relaxation, but for conversation as well. This one is surely the energy you want to be taking in as you will be munching on great food and even order some more of their great food – which will not be a problem as they are offering a mix of modern and traditional Japanese dishes that is the comfort food of some, if not many.




Promising a fusion of fresh ideas and basics done well, Aburi Manila, which is a family business, welcomes its customers with different flavors from Japan with a twist. Fortunately, we got to try some of their classics, some of their bestsellers, and even some of their new ones.


Inspired to live a healthy life, Aburi Manila came up with Keto Rolls – perfect for people on a diet. If you’re familiar with Keto Diet, then that’s where they got their idea of Keto Rolls – no rice, low-carb rolls.


The California Keto Rolls which are made with kani, mango, cucumber, and topped with mayo is a refreshing dish to eat – thanks to the sweet, fruity taste from the mango.


Next is the Spicy Tuna Keto Rolls made with tenkasu and of course spicy tuna. This one gives you a punch of spice which we totally love. We mean, a little adventure won’t hurt, right?


Following this is the Crazy Maki Keto Rolls made with kani, mayo, and avocado (if it’s in season), and topped with more kani chunks. This one is a tasty Keto Roll variant.


If you want more healthy dishes, then good thing Aburi Manila has different salads you can choose from, one of which we got to have – the Chopped Chicken Teriyaki Salad. This one is recommended by the chef, hence, no surprise, a favorite of our table. Filled with chicken teriyaki, salad greens, cucumber, tomatoes, corn, shoestring onions, and light cream dressing, this is a flavorful dish that one would enjoy without feeling guilty.

As this Japanese restaurant literally has the word Aburi in it, let us explain to you what it means – if you’re not familiar with it. Aburi, as explained by Aburi Manila itself, means flamed or seared with a flame leaving the fish partially seared and partially raw. This light searing brings out a unique smokey and fresh taste in every bite. Aburi Manila’s aburi dishes uses their very own special mayo which enhances the flavor of the dish even more.



With this, we got to try two aburi dishes – Ebi Tempura Aburi and Calamari Aburi. The Ebi Tempura Aburi is torched breaded prawns that has a smoked, sweet taste that we’re sure you wouldn’t want to miss.


While the Calamari Aburi are tender squid rings that seems to have a juicy, caramelized sauce due to being torched. This one is another favorite of our table. What made these aburi dishes even more interesting is that these dishes will be torched on your table so you’ll get to experience not only the food, but its torching as well.

If you are a student on a budget and you want to indulge on some mouthwatering Japanese food, then we have two of Aburi Manila’s Student Bowls – the Pork Sukiyaki and the Beef Misono, which both comes with a glass of zesty, sweet lemon iced tea.


The Pork Sukiyaki is a bowl which comes with a hefty serving of rice; fresh, crispy veggies, and tender pork meat. All the texture and sweetness from this dish will give your brain a reset for that math problem that’s giving you a hard time.


Another student bowl is the Beef Misono. A bowl filled with rice for energy boost, vegetables for nutrition, and succulent beef meat for strength – this dish will push you in beating that research paper deadline.



Here comes our favorite part of every meal – the dessert! With Lorenzo’s Aburi Smores, our sweet tooth was definitely satisfied. Aburi marshmallows with chocolatey Nutella spread, sandwiched with crispy Belgian waffles, we won’t judge you if you choose to not share.

In addition, as Aburi Manila have Student Bowls, they also have Special Aburi Bento Boxes for Senior Citizens and PWDs. Besides all that, Aburi Manila has Weekday Deals wherein you’ll certainly get great deals by having amazing food filling your tummies.


If you want to have some drinks in your system, then sit down and order yourself some coffee, tea, cocktails, Japanese whisky, or even Japanese sake. In relation to beverages, Aburi Manila has a promo for their cocktails for Php 325 which we recommend you go check out!

Aforementioned, the concept of Aburi Manila was inspired from travels and the idea of bringing in the Philippines the family’s warm experience from Japan; and with that, Aburi Manila is now your neighborhood Japanese restaurant which has its doors always open to welcome you in.

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