Loving up all of The Roast Beef Counter is such an easy thing to do!

Here we are again with one of our favorites — The Roast Beef Counter. The irresistible goodness of their highlight dish — their Roast Beef, of course — is such an over-the-top experience for us, so we surely don’t let an opportunity to have them again pass. Definitely, we are judging if you haven’t tried them out yet. Just kidding!

Their Roast Beef is just an amazing dish that we keep on having, because loving it all up is such an easy thing to do. With it being tender and flavorful, we just can’t help ourselves but to keep on wanting to have it even though we just had it.

However, it’s not only that which we found absolutely yummy from The Roast Beef Counter, because they now have other products too such as Fish Pastel, Salads, and Carrot Cake. Truly, The Roast Beef Counter have expanded their menu and a lot of people just found themselves drooling for it — including us.

Their Fish Pastel (Php 900) is a comfort food that would easily make you feel homey even in just a spoonful. Of fish in creamy white sauce and vegetable chunks serves with crust? Don’t expect us to say no to that!

Speaking of vegetables, The Roast Beef Counter currently has two Salad dishes — Q Salad and Caesar Balayan Salad. The Q Salad (Php 995)  is of mixed greens with cherry tonatoes, walnuts, and mandarin oranges served with their signature Apple cider based Q dressing, while the Caesar Balayan Salad (Php 995) is of mixed greens with croutons, bacon bits, and parmesan cheese paired with their version of caesar dressing wherein they used Bagoong Balayan of Batangas instead of anchovies.

Last, but definitely not the least, this time we also got to try their sweet offering. The Carrot Cake comes in Sharing (Php 325) and in Party Size (Php 1900) which is such a great ender to a flavor-packed meal time.

Indeed, The Roast Beef Counter has proven themselves to be amazing in everything they do and we would continue on pining for them as they continue to wow us every chance we get to dig into their dishes. You can also get your hands on these yummies and more by checking out and messaging their Socials — Facebook, Instagram, and Website.

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