Lugaw Manila: Your 24/7 Hangover Cure in Poblacion

Experiencing a post-drinking sesh hunger, huh? Welp, if you are in Poblacion, the famous drinking strip in Makati, then today is your lucky day – nope, scratch that; everyday, 24/7 is your lucky day because finally, Lugaw Manila is open, ready to satisfy your angry tummies and your raving cravings alongside being the pre-emptive cure to your hangover that you know will soon happen the moment you wake up the next day or whenever. 

Now, seeing Lugaw Manila with the line “Since 1989” might make you think that they have been in the industry since 1989, but what they actually mean since 1989 is the recipe of what they are offering. They  only actually been established last year which was 2019, but their recipe is a family recipe that has been tweaked to cater to the palate of the location they are in and for the owners to have their special touch on what they are offering, of course.

Speaking of what they offering, it should not come as a surprise that they got lugaw, of course; but that’s not what they only have as they got some rice meals and gotos as well – great for solos and sharing, too! They also have some unique drink creations if you want to extend more of your drinking game while enjoying a bowl of their oh-so-tasty lugaw.

Amidst all the chit-chats and whatnot, go dig into a few of their rice meals, specifically their Bagnet Meals like Kare-Kare x Bagnet (Php 165) as well as Sinigang x Bagnet (Php 165). Aside from their bagnet-filled creations, they also have Silog Meals like their yummy Tapsilog (Php 135).

Of course, being in Lugaw Manila, you should not miss out on their hearty goodie bowls like their Goto Fiesta (Php 165). This dish under their Goto Specials selection is topped with bagnet, chicharon bulaklak, togue, egg, and lumpia – so you bet you will have a satisfying time with them.

Fried Lumpia (Php 45)

If you feel like your tummy could use some more yummies, Lugaw Manila has a bunch of Extras you could munch on, too. Their Fried Lumpia (Php 45) which is of togue; Tokwa’t Bagnet (Php 120); and Plain Lugaw (Php 45) are just  a few add-ons you def could order and finish in no time.

Ice Scramble Fiesta (Php 85)

And if you got a huge sweet tooth to fill, don’t you worry, because Lugaw Manila’s Ice Scramble Fiesta (Php 85) is a delectable childhood nostalgia that is loaded with fun mallows, stik-o, choco syrup, and of course, powdered milk!

Houseblend Iced Tea (Glass Php 50 | Pitcher Php 90)

To aid you in all the munching, biting, and gobbling, you better sit down with their Houseblend Iced Tea (Glass Php 50 | Pitcher Php 90) which really is just refreshing and good.

Lugaw Manila may just have opened recently, but they have some frequent diners already, as they are offering unlimited goto, too, called Goto Forever. They are also available in FoodPanda and soon they will be available in more delivering apps as well, so watch out for that!

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Address: 4969 Guerrero St., Poblacion, Makati City

Contact Number: +09457604802

Hours of Operation: 24 Hours Open

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