Lutong Probinsya: Kusina ni Apong takes you back to your home province in every dish they serve

We have been to a lot of food adventures for years and we have brought you guys with us in each and every one of them. We have indulged in a variance of cuisines from different countries and cultures, but our own would always be our favorite. Growing up, we have called favorites on a number of Filipino dishes and that is not surprising since that’s what our mothers’ cooking is all about. The classics like adobo, nilaga, and sinigang have been in our hearts ever since we learned how to chew, so local dishes have claimed and established a spot in our hearts as theirs.

We are not complaining really since we are proud of the amazing food we Filipinos have. We have a ton of delicious food to call our favorites, but we know that there are still a lot more we haven’t tasted yet, so us in the big city and dining with Kusina ni Apong was like an homage to our childhood home. Filipino food brings a different kind and level of comfort to us, and Kusina ni Apong surely brought us that exact comfort.

As we have decided to have quite a lot from Kusina ni Apong, we then started digging into a few of their seafood dishes such as Prawns and Garlic, Sauteed Baby Squid in Garlic, and Sugpo Aligue. These ones placed us into that homey and cozy feel that we often find ourselves when we are eating something that our palate is familiar with.

Following are two lovely and refreshing Filipino dishes that are said to be even greater with a drink in hand. The Kudil in Kilawin Style which is cow skin, as well as the Sinuglaw are wonderful dishes that are packed with distinct and at the same time delicious flavors and spices that is just so hard to resist.

Speaking of dishes that great with some drinks, we also had Kusina ni Apong’s Crispy Tadyang and Crispy Pata. These two heavy dishes are definitely worth it as we enjoyed every crispy bit of it up to the last piece. We even paired these two with rice, because why not, right?

With rice already on the table, we then moved onto three more dishes and those dishes were Garlic Chicken which we really delighted in as we actually enjoy garlic in our food, Bicol Express which was certainly tasty that we even went for more than one round, and Kansi which is a popular Ilonggo dish that we have fallen in love with many times already.

Kusina ni Apong really has brought us to our childhood home in every dish they served us. Their selection really just went straight to our hearts and bellies, and this sure is not the last time we will be feasting over their yummies. Curently, Kusina ni Apong is ready to deliver for big groups, so make sure visit their Facebook and Instagram for more details.

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