MAFBEX: Manila and Food Beverage Expo

Last Saturday, Food Magazine hosted a live cookfest via “Food Tastings” led by various renowned chefs such as Chef Sharwin Tee, Chef Deejay Santos, Chef Michelle Adrillana and Chef Jam Melchor at the World Trade Center, Pasay City.


Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to witness the cookfest itself, since I was coming in from Laguna and the traffic from the South to Pasay got the best of my time. However, I was able to enjoy the rest of the expo. The entrance fee for the whole scene was rather practical, with a price of Php100, you can have access to the entire event, without the hassle of lining up as well. The place was curated properly, ensuring that all guest can have a hassle-free experience during their shopping.


If you are a fan of Food Expos like me, then you probably know that this is becoming a common trend here in the Philippines- with last year’s celebration of WOFEX (World Food Expo) and World Street Food Congress, as well as this year’s IFEX (International Food Expo), the rising demand for food craft excellence has definitely caught the attention of popular media brands and have since then, worked to improve the food scene in the Philippines by hosting various events such as this. This however triggered the interest of Filipinos to start their own food business, evident with the rise of the food industry in the country.


Mafbex cultivated a scene that gave a deeper focus on the local food talents. Giving a chance for all the guests to enjoy some of the most underrated local food chains in the country- from Mexican Burritos, Fries to good old Mcdonald’s; Mafbex, didn’t disappoint in ensuring that all visitors will find a food chain that they are very familiar with, without neglecting the popular international food stalls as well. You can also find booths that offer kitchen equipment, exquisite culinary tools, and various cooking utensils- it was a one-stop shop for all your daily cooking or restaurant needs!


By 5pm The place was jam-packed with foodies, and the rush of visitors kept coming until about 7:00 pm, despite the usual traffic. The other thing that I really liked is that all guests can get a complimentary eco bag to help them with their shopping. You can claim the eco bag right by the information area, close to the main entrance,  absolutely free of charge.


All-in-all the event was quite successful and something we should always look forward to, for many years to come.

*The Host Food Magazine is the country’s largest-selling culinary magazine published by ABS-CBN Publishing. It features the latest trends in food, kitchen-tested recipes, shopping tips, cooking techniques from experts and tips for foodies looking for their next gastronomic adventure.


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