Make everyday a Feast with Don Cochinillo

Staying at home does not mean you will be having the same food over and over again. Also, who said you can’t have an extra meal time on a regular day? No one, and there is no such rule! Special occasions really are packed with food, but regular days could be turned into something special, too, just because you feel like it!

If you feel like having a feast or you have a huge appetite to fill, Don Cochinillo is your savior! There is no denying that what Don Cochinillo is offering is something that could make you feel like you are in a fiesta or a family gathering by the porch.

Anyway, Don Cochinillo actually started as a passion project that grew more and more into a full blown business, and it has been satisfying cravings with their Cuban inspired Roasted Suckling Pig made with special Latin American marinade and dry rub. This delish is roasted intensely inside a traditional Spanish inspired brick oven and crispied to perfection!

Indeed, this Roasted Suckling Pig by Don Cochinillo is something you should not be missing out on as it will follow you even in your dreams until you give in and have it! You won’t be regretting into just digging into this anyway since what you will be having is an exquisite treat to your tastebuds. From its roasted, crispy skin to its tender, flavorful, and juicy meat, you sure will be having a blast like no other!

With all that, you won’t be able to say no to Don Cochinillo anymore, so just fill out their order form, drop them a message on their Facebook and Instagram pages or give them a ring at 09178427390! Enjoy it in Regular size for only Php 6800 or you can also go for its Large option for only Php 7200.

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