Make ramen at home with InJoy Philippines’ Ramen Kits

Days have been slipping through our fingers these past few days. The rainy weather have turned us into much like a human burrito as we have wrapped ourselves in our blanket for the most of the day, regardless of what we are doing. Indeed, summer time is over, because now we could enjoy a hearty bowl of soup or broth without breaking a sweat.

Other than the classic sinigang and nilaga, we cannot deny how much we have been craving for some ramen so as to satisfy our love for Japanese cuisine while also keeping us warm. The problem though is ramen is best eaten the moment it is done being cooked, that’s why restaurants serving ramen don’t usually recommend getting their ramen for take-out. However, thanks to InJoy Philippines, we have found a solution for that dilemma of ours.

InJoy Philippines is all for creating products that could help an aspiring business owner grow through their hard work, dedication, as well as innovative spirit. Alongside that, InJoy Philippines made it their responsibility to be able to provide delicious and affordable products, such as their Ramen Kit, to every Filipino.

Currently, InJoy Philippines has two delicious and filling variants up for grabs and for slurping — the Maruzen Ramen Kit and the Fukuoka Strong Taste Ramen Kit. These Ramen Kits promise to bring you the taste of Japan in every sip!

Each Maruzen Ramen Kit (Php 280) contains 300g of ramen noodles pasta, 150g of ramen paste, and nori sheets. Easy to prepare and can make 6 to 8 servings, the Maruzen Ramen Kit by InJoy Philippines is great to be shared with people dear to you. Meanwhile, the Fukuoka Strong Taste Ramen Kit (Php 280) also comes with nori sheets, ramen noodles, and ramen paste. This, too, could make 6 to 8 hungry people happy and full.

So what else are you waiting for? Make sure to stock up on these Ramen Kits by InJoy Philippines! Yo can even add exciting toppings like chasu, egg, chili, or whatever that is you prefer having with your ramen. The delicious possibilities are no doubt endless with InJoy Philippines!

Learn about InJoy Philippines, the businesses they are offering, the products they have for you, and so much more by visiting their Instagram Page and Website. Don’t miss out on their awesome and sulit deals!

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