Make Way for Firehouse Pizza!

This is our second time with Firehouse Pizza and surely, they have gratified our cravings! Firehouse Pizza is Crimson Filinvest’s pizza house. Their menu is packed with Italian lusciousness tweaked to cater the Filipino palate through plates, bowls, and platters of salads, pastas, pizzas, and desserts. 

Firehouse Pizza of Crimson Filinvest

Entering Firehouse Pizza, we were greeted once again with the warmth and coziness we have definitely missed. We don’t always get to be in Alabang so a long time has certainly passed since the last time we were here. Seats were still absolutely comfy and the staff were still very much accommodating. 

Burrata Salad

With that, Firehouse Pizza first brought out one of their salad for us to begin yet another tasty adventure with them! Their Burrata Salad (Php 700) is apparently a must-try! Made with garden tomatoes, burrata cheese, mesclun leaves, and balsamic olive oil, every mouthful of this had us drooling for more, for sure. 

Lasagna Bolognese

Fortunately, we did not need to wait any longer for the next dish to arrive since Firehouse Pizza placed their Lasagna Bolognese shortly after. This sumptuous plate of layered goodness filled with minced beef, mozzarella cheese, and parmesan cheese left us wanting for more. 

As we were still going cray-cray over one of their pasta dishes, Firehouse Pizza then provided us with another pasta dish of theirs. Their Truffle Cannelloni (Php 350) is a delicious and filling plate of pasta noodles generously topped with mushroom, parmesan cheese, mozzarella cream sauce, and truffle oil. Truly, this had our truffle hearts melting! 

Of course, Firehouse Pizza is not called a pizza house for nothing! We were able to snatch not one, but two of their Signature pizzas and spoiler alert: we loved every piece we had!

Time Square Pizza
Time Square Pizza
Seafood Pizza

Their Time Square Pizza (Burrata Php 800 | Chili Bocconcini Php 650 | Scamorza Php 600) is a thin crust pizza made even more flavorful with meatballs, eggs, olives, artichokes, mushroom, and thyme; while their Seafood Pizza (Burrata Php 800 | Chili Bocconcini Php 650 | Fior Di Latte Php 600) is also a thin crust pizza but is delectably loaded with shrimps, mussels, squid, garlic, and lemon zest!

Obviously, we had a great time with Firehouse Pizza again and if we are being frank, we are already looking forward to dining with them again. After all, we have yet to try their other tasty offerings! Know more about Firehouse Pizza and the delicious time you can spend with them by visiting their Facebook, Instagram, and Website.

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