Make your dad feel special with Gerry’s Grill!

It’s Father’s Day! Come and treat your dad to Gerry’s Grill with a festive meal on his special day! The Father’s Day Feast by Gerry’s Grill is perfect for a family of four and can be availed with just Php 2649. Surely, a bang for your buck since this set meal already includes four main dishes, a platter of rice, desserts for four people, and of course drinks. Amazing, right?!

Gerry’s Grill
Sizzling Sisig

Gerry’s Grill is certainly a great place to celebrate Father’s Day! Their space is comforting and casual so you and your family can just let your hair down and catch up and laugh with each other over satisfying dishes and yummy drinks. For their Father’s Day Feast, you and your family can dig into a hot sizzling plate of Sizzling Sisig that we all know dads love having, especially as booze food!

Crispy Pata

Another dish that is included in their Father’s Day Feast and is splendid as booze food too is none other than Gerry’s Grill’s Crispy Pata. This one is a generous serving of pork knuckles that has tender and tasty meat, together with crispy and well-seasoned skin. This also comes with a side of veggies, atchara, and dipping sauce for that flavor-bomb experience!

Inihaw na Tuna Belly

The Father’s Day Feast also comes with their flavorful Inihaw na Tuna Belly. With this dish, you and your family will be able to enjoy that fresh, succulent tuna with notes of smokeyness; alongside stir-fried kangkong, atchara, and dipping sauce. 

Beef Kare-Kare

Of course, this Father’s Day Feast by Gerry’s Grill is not all about sizzling, fried, and grilled food, because from this, you and your family will also get your hands on their much loved Beef Kare-Kare. A plate of fresh vegetables and tender beef slices on a bed of luscious peanut sauce? There is no other answer other than “Yes!”.

Lumpiang Shanghai
Prime Beef Caldereta
Sizzling Bulalo Steak

Aside from those sumptuous dishes, as we have mentioned, Gerry’s Grill made sure that their Father’s Day Feast will cover your whole family’s meal because included in this meal is a platter of freshly cooked white rice, a bottle of Pepsi, and of course, cups of Buko Pandan to tie everything together nicely. 

Lumpiang Shanghai

If you are a family of more than four, then don’t think twice and just order more goodies from Gerry’s Grill. We suggest going for their Lumpiang Shanghai, Prime Beef Caldereta, Sizzling Bulalo Steak, and Tinamok! You can also reach for their Ube Macapuno and Halo Halo if you and your family have a huge sweet tooth to fill. 

Gerry’s Grill
Gerry’s Grill

Know more about Gerry’s Grill, their Father’s Day Feast, and their other offerings by visiting their Facebook, Instagram, and Website. Enjoy!

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