Make your meals more delicious with Lili’s Deli PH’s The Original Lili’s Alamang

Some people have a love-hate relationshiop with Bagoong. They love its taste, but they also just can’t stand its smell. Its scent is also the reason why others find Bagoong intimidating to even try and we think those people are definitely missing out.

Us, on the other hand, are Bagoong lovers. We love its scent, its tate, and everything that comes with it. We just could not resist, especially when we pair it with freshly sliced green mangoes. Oh, how our mouths are already drooling with just the thought of it all! What did we tell you? We just really love it!

Bagoong is not only good as a dip though, because this one is also great with viands. This can be used in Pinakbet, in Bagoong Rice, with Kare-Kare, and with Steamed Vegetables. Speaking of dishes, do you want to know which viand do we think Bagoong really is highlighted? It is none other than Binagoongang Baboy and that’s what we made with Lili’s Deli PH’s The Original Lili’s Alamang!

The Original Lili’s Alamang by Lili’s Deli PH is a bagoog alamang in a tight sealed jar and it sure is already in town! Homemade and cooked with perfectly blended spices made through generation, The Original Lili’s Alamang is causing some noise — and that noise is from people doing some yummy sounds.

And so, as soon as we got ourselves a jar of The Original Lili’s Alamang by Lili’s Deli PH, we quickly went to our kitchen to made our own Binagoongang Baboy. We just could not wait, so we did what we had to do in that moment — prepped our kitchen and ingredients and drooled our way into serving our Binagoongang Baboy on our table.

Our Binagoong Baboy surely was a hit, all thanks to The Original Lili’s Alamang by Lili’s Deli PH! It was no surprise that each and every one of us loved it and ended our meal time with a full round belly and satisfied smile on our faces.

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