Make your Richmonde Eastwood Hotel staycation even more flavorful with Eastwood Cafe + Bar

Staying in Richmonde Eastwood Hotel is already such a delight, but have you tried dining in at their all-day dining restaurant, Eastwood Cafe + Bar? Well, if you have not then you should definitely check them out soon because they have so much for you to gobble down each and every day.

Open from 6AM to 12AM, Eastwood Cafe + Bar is surely a must-try, especially if you are up for not only elegance and comfort, but also if you are looking for a restaurant perfect for groups that are certainly to occupy a number of seats and have different cravings that need to be satisfied because what they are serving here are of international cuisines that will not only make your mouths water, but absolutely make your tummies happy and full as well.

Oozing with sophistication and gorgeous interiors, Eastwood Cafe + Bar surprisingly has what they call the Street Food Combo which is consisted of deep fried squid balls, fish balls, kikiam and chicken skin chicharon, served with chili vinegar, soy calamansi sauce, and sweet chili sauce for that extra punch of flavor.

After having some delightful street food that is reminiscent of simpler times back in middle school and high school, next is a heavy dish best eaten with hands; the Eastwood Burger is 170 grams of tender beef patties in barbecue sauce, with bacon, lettuce, cheese and caramelized onion in a toasted sesame seed bun, served with potato wedges or French fries.

Another dish that has an ingredient that can be considered a family of bread is the Tinapa Pate’ which is of blended tinapa fish flakes and cream cheese, served with crispy tortilla bread that is indeed a tasty treat.

For a dish starring a classic bread that is close to home, the Filipino Chorizo Bruschetta gives the lovely pandesal a level up by toasting it and topping it with tomatoes, ground Vigan longganisa and kesong puti.

If you want more carbs for that boost of energy, Eastwood Cafe + Bar has a bunch of pizza variants that could make friend groups and families go crazy. One of which is the Pizza Piscatora which is perfect for seafood lovers as this one is a 12″ pizza dish topped with mussels, squid, and shrimps.

Next pizza dish will certainly be able to snatch the hearts of meat lovers out there as its name says it all – the Meat Lovers’ Pizza is a 12” pizza topped with Hungarian sausage, ham, salami, meat balls, and pepperoni.

For more protein to add up more strength, the Sausage and Eggs is a dish that is part of Eastwood Cafe + Bar’s Breakfast Menu which is of pork sausage and bacon served with two fried vibrant eggs that are like a sunshine, together with roasted tomatoes.

Looking for more dishes that would make you feel at home even more? Do not fret because Eastwood Bar + Cafe has a lot of Filipino favorites that would undeniably hit the hearts of many such as the Beef Pochero which is a Cebu-style, slow-cooked beef brisket, with yellow corn and saging na saba.

Of course, grilling has been one of the many bonding moments of Filipino families, and the Chicken Inasal has sure to have been a star in many family events. This one is of grilled chicken with sautéed bokchoy in annatto garlic butter sauce, served with steamed rice and atchara.

And of course, a favorite of many as this one, hands down has that blend of delicate and strong flavors that your palate will be of total bliss; the Beef Kare-Kare is of oxtail and tripe in peanut flavored stew with native vegetables, served with homemade bagoong to enhance the taste even better.

When you want something to tease your palate that is in want of international flavors, the Poached Salmon Aioli of Eastwood Bar + Cafe is of lightly poached salmon fillet on crispy whole wheat toast, topped with poached egg and served with garlic aioli.

For some last kick of a savory exploration, the Lengua Bulgogi Salpicao is actually a fusion of Korean and Spanish cuisines in one dish which is another favorite as this one is barbecued beef tongue, served with pickled cucumber.

With a full tummy that is filled with delicious dishes, thanks to Eastwood Cafe + Bar, you might feel a tad bit sleepy, so the perfect solution to that is their very own Cafe Latte as this one will no doubt wake you up like an alarm clock that you would love, not hate, in a mug.

But then again, if you are more of a cold drink kind of folk, then go have some Eastwood Blend Iced Tea that is sure to revivify you for more chit-chat and whatnot.

Lastly, for when you want a fruity drink that would not only give you fun, but a hint of sweetness as well, Eastwood Cafe + Bar has what they call the Lychee Iced Tea which is great for a cool down or a get-go.

Eastwood Cafe + Bar is not only great for when you are staying at Eastwood Richmonde Hotel because this all-day dining restaurant also offers buffet in which you can reward yourself for not only surviving, but living the tiresome week you had by indulging in tons of dishes that are of international cuisines.

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