Malingap Central Food Hall: Satisfying not only your tummy’s food cravings, but also you heart and soul’s hunger for inspiration


More than just a nice place for a creative individual, together with great and fantastic food choices, Malingap Central Food Hall is such a wonderful, safe, and neat food hall in Quezon City that would make heads turn, mouths water, and tummies churn not only for food but for inspiration to make art as well, to make something meaningful in life.




Embracing three communities which are food, arts, and music, Malingap Central Food Hall is an amazing huge air-conditioned space ready to take one hundred and fifty hungry-for-food-and-for-reason folks in, that should always remember the simple guideline that is CLAYGO.


Living up to its name, BRGR: The Burger Project is really a project to get finished as they do not only offer burgers to gobble down, but they actually are known for their #DesignYourBRGR, fries & wings that are of 100% premium ingredients, and also some keto-friendly and veg-friendly food choices.



With the option to create your own burger from the wide variance of choices you can surely choose from, the Western Bacon Melt is so worth every bite especially if you are down to gobbling down scrumptious, rich-tasting dishes!


Craving for a much needed chill time? The perfect way to kick that off with is some street food that will sure to give you a sense of comfort – and that is exactly what Hapitori has for you. Hapitori makes Japanese street-style food, also known as “yakitori”, which are great paired with relaxing drinks.



Offering excellent food that is priced just right, their Takoyaki is a burst of flavor and texture to the palate; while the Hapitori Sampler is packed with chicken thigh, chicken skin, chicken liver, pork belly, beef rib fingers, Australian striploin, eggplant, and miso butter corn.


Known for their gourmet mini churros with flavors ranging from savory to sweet and other sweet treats like ice cream, Comisario Quixote also gives the spotlight to the splendid Spanish cuisine that is not only luscious in flavor, but also rich in culture.


As Comisario Quixote is of a Spanish Kitchen, the magnificent dish of theirs that you have got to try is their Seafood Paella that is not only filled with different bounties from the generous and beautiful sea, but also is a tease to the eyes and a satisfaction to the palate.


Meanwhile, for some tender, flavorful meat dishes, Malingap Central Food Hall has Alfred’s Roast Beef Station that will no doubt make any meat fanatic happy and contented. Many have tried dining with them and surely their expectations were either met or even have been surpassed!



To experience a true classic meaty Filipino dish, order up the Pork Sisig and you will be able to find yourself digging into it more and more; and if that is not enough, get their trademark dish, the sumptuous Roast Beef, Lasagna, with Rice.


After having a taste of Spain and of Philippines, this next food concept is of the vibrant and tasty Mexican cuisine. The El Sombrero has a modest menu but that doesn’t make them any less packed of that Mexican flavor, love, and spice!



For some quick-easy stop for delectable feisty, delicious bites, El Sombrero’s Chimichanga which you can get with pollo, carnitas, ground beef, chicharones, or steak and each variant is just superb! Another one you should have a lovely bite of is the Street Taco which you can also have with pollo, carnitas, chicharones, shrimp, and steak.


DSC02729With the many cuisines that are here at Malingap Central Food Hall, of course the fun and poppin’ cuisine that is of Korean is sure to be here as well – thanks to Manse! Manse!’s space is just downright colorful and chill, plus the staff and crew are all nice as well, and those are just some of the things topping off the great food offering Manse! has.




The Sunbae Dosirak which has beef, kong namul muchim, gyeran mari, macaroni salad, and kimchi, and the Sunbae Silog  which is hot pepper with soup, sunny side egg, kimchi, beansprout, pickled raddish, ssamjang sauce, unli fried rice are just two of the amazing dishes you have got to get a mouthful of!


And of course, as Malingap Central Food Hall is made the Manila way, the best way to end this awesome food adventure is with Manila Creamery which is OG made the Manila way! Known to be offering a wide array of different flavors of Filipino-inspired gelato, Manila Creamery also has coffee & drinks, shakes, and parfaits which the Halo-Halo Parfait is absolutely a delight!



With that, you also definitely have to get the chance to just have a taste of is their Tinutong na Kanin topped with Popped Rice! Being a Filipino, rice is undeniably a staple dish and this lovely delicacy of Manila Creamery is surely a dish that would hit home.

Recently, Malingap Central Food Hall has some changes not only with their set up, but also with the food concepts they have, so do not be surprised if you will be seeing something new that will make you crave for some yummy goodness even more; and so there you have it, Malingap Central Food Hall is just waiting for you to try out anything, even everything!


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