Mama B’s Inasal: The House of the famous Chicken Inasal Bilao

We do love chicken, all right; especially when we are talking about Chicken Inasal. This dish is just very Filipino and every time we have it, whether we are at home or not, we feel so comfortable and at home. There is just something about eating a Chicken Inasal that makes us feel so at peace and happy. Perhaps it is the distinct smokey flavor or the tender bite— regardless, we absolutely are fans of it!

As we truly are in love with Chicken Inasal, we were definitely excited to have seen Mama B’s Inasal, the House of the Famous Chicken Inasal Bilao that is made with only the freshest local ingredients they could find! So yes, we are certain that what we had was such a premium chicken inasal experience like no other.

As Mama B’s Inasal is well-known and well-loved for their Chicken Inasal Bilao, of course we took this opportunity to try exactly that offering of theirs! That’s right, we got their Bilao Bundle 8’s, and it was a blast! The Bilao Bundle 8’s (Php 1400) is a hearty large bilao loaded with delicious garlic rice, eight pieces of their very own famous chicken inasal, and of course, some suka toyomansi for that full Mama B’s Inasal experience!

What we loved even more about Mama B’s Inasal is because each and every Chicken Inasal is marinated for days for maximum flavor so each piece has that bone deep marinade, which gave us a wonderful burst of flavor with a bit of tangy taste on the side! Plus, Mama B’s Inasal always serve it fresh off the grill and just perfectly charred, giving us that lovely smokey feel to it.

Mama B’s Inasal really had us digging into this Bilao with our bare hands which we know is such a Filipino way to enjoy the food! Other than this Bilao, though, Mama B’s Inasal also offer some Solo choices as well as an uncooked one which you can stock up on and then just cook once you feel like having it.

Visit Mama B’s Inasal’s Facebook and Instagram to find out more about them and their product line. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to leave them a message.

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