Mama V Delicious Meals: Making celebrations even more fun and memorable

Got a party coming up? Got no time to shop, prep, and cook food for your loved ones, but you still want to be able to enjoy a good meal time with them? Worry no more, because Mama V Delicious Meals got you!

Mama V Delicious Meals is dedicated in providing homes, offices, events and special occasions their well-loved family style cooking in loaded party trays. These offerings are really great for big groups since everyone will have the best time, all thanks to Mama V’s 62 years of love and passion for both cooking and feeding people.

Wondering what you could get from them? Start the party with their Pork Barbecue as this one is a crowd favorite that is glazed to perfection and charred just the way you like! This also comes in both Medium and Large sizes – the Medium (Php 580) includes 15 sticks while the Large (Php 760) includes 21 sticks.

Pair that Pork Barbecue with another mama V Deleicious must-haves, the Garlic Sotanghon! Guaranteed to be flavourful with every bite, your cravings will indeed be satisfied in not time. This Garlic Sotanghon comes in three sizes – Small (Php 340), Medium (Php 660), and Large (Php 980).

Last, but definitely not the least is their Bacon Carbonara that is made only with premium ingredients. This one is the ultimate party must-have as this is a serving of creamy, sauce, and tasty carbonara, generously topped with crispy bacon – just a feast on its already, right?! This one is also available is Small (Php 540), Medium (Php 980), and Large (Php 1860).

Truly, Mama V Delicious Meals could make your celebration into so much more fun than it already is. Always ready to give you what you are craving for, there is nothing like Mama V Delicious Meals out there. Know more about mama V Delicious Meals and their products by checking out their Facebook, Instagram, and Website.

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