Manolo’s PH: The Perfect Good Mood Food

Bad mood? Go for simple yet sumptuous food that will instantly put you in a good mood. Already in a good mood? Dig into more delectable food choices. Yes, whatever mood you are in, you will definitely find something to have from Manolo’s PH.

Manolo’s PH is the home of White Churro as well as Puto Bumbong Cookies. Their menu is filled with lovely, one-of-a-kind cookie variants alongside yummy and healthy dessert bars which are all worth the rave. Many could attest how much of a great time they had in each and every bite in whatever Manolo’s PH goodie they went for.

Truly, the desserts and snacks of Manolo’s PH are perfectly crafted from start to finish; and this perfection is what we got to experience with some of their must-try cookies. As we already have mentioned that Manolo’s PH is known for their White Churro and Puto Bumbong Cookies, let us then first talk about these two.

Their White Churro Cookie (Box of 6 • 300g Nibblers Php 380 | Box of 9 • 500g Nibblers Php 540) is of brown butter, white Belgian chocolates, and cinnamon while their Puto Bumbong Cookie (Box of 6 • 300g Nibblers Php 380 | Box of 9 • 500g Nibblers Php 540) is a taste of Filipino Christmas in cookie form as this one is of a puto bumbong flavored cookie with shredded coconut and muscovado sugar.

Other than those two, Manolo’s PH also has their Classic Cookie (Box of 6 • 300g Nibblers Php 360 | Box of 9 • 500g Nibblers Php 520) which is a chocolate cookie with dark and semisweet Belgian chocolates; as well as their Manolo’s Signature Cookie (Box of 6 • 300g Nibblers Php 400 | Box of 9 • 500g Nibblers Php 560) which has milk and dark Belgian chocolates, oats, and walnuts.

Indeed, Manolo’s PH’s Cookies are very much straightforward and addicting. If you want to be able to try more than one of their cookie variants, they also have an Assorted Collection which is available in a Box of 6 that is of 300g Nibblers for Php 380 and in a Box of 9 that is of 500g Nibblers for Php 540.

Catch more of Manolo’s PH and their products by visiting their Facebook and Instagram. You can also check out on their Instagram Highlights on how to best reheat their cookies for when you got some extra for later.

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