Martin Place Social’s The Raw Bar: your seafood “Dampa” in an upscale way!

Are you a night owl? Or you just wake up late for breakfast? Martin Place social is the best place for both your night life and lazy, comfy brunch!


Located at a private and classy place in The Plaza at Arya, Martin Place Social offers casual dining experience that showcases modern Australian cuisine and a laid-back Australian culture.


In addition to their famous Australian dishes presented in a very unique and classy way, they also have the Raw Bar, where they offer fresh, raw seafood. What makes this more fun, is you can have it cooked just the way you imagined and craved for it. Some of their specialties are the following:


  1. Australian Barramundi – grilled but you can have it pan fried, raw or poached, seafood nero tortellini (squid ink pasta)

DSC_14912. Frito Misto Platter – consists of calamari, fish goujeonettes, prawns with sauces sriracha mayo, wasabi aioli and gourmet vinegar. One of the best pica pica we have ever tasted.

DSC020683. Oyster Rockefeller – one of their specialties and truly for a reason.  It’s creamy, cheesy and so delicious.




Aside from being a fine restaurant, Martin Place Social primarily serves as a training venue for young Filipino aspiring chefs and hospitality professionals.


Martin Place Social is named after the busy Martin Place, also known as the “civic heart” of Sydney and where the head office of their mother company, Ausphin, is located.

Martin Place Social is located at The Plaza at Arya Residences, McKinley Parkway, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City. View their full menu on Zomato (Martin Place Social), and follow them on IG (@martinplacesocial) and Facebook (Martin Place Social) for more details and updates!

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