Mashi Corndog Has A Corndog For Your Every Mood

Are you one who enjoys texture on their food? Do you find softness like a warm embrace? Perhaps some crunch could remind you what adventurous life you are living? Maybe a few fuzz seems like some kind of a delectable tickle? Well, if you are like us and you think the structure and texture of food have an impact on the whole experience too, then Mashi Corndog is something you will delight in, too.

Mashi Corndog is home to a famous Korean streetfood — Corndog, obviously — that is filled with mozzarella cheese and sausage inside of a bread, and served alongside delicious tomato ketchup and mustard for that sweet and tangy burst of flavors! From them, you will be taking pleasure in each flavorful, texture-filled bite as their Corndogs are not only tasty, but fun to munch on, too.

The Corndogs that Mashi Corndog are offering definitely have garnered a lot of praises as a lot of people have found themselves trying it out and wanting to have another round of each yummy variant. Whether you like yours straightforward and simple or bold and spunky, Mashi Corndog sure has something scrumptious for you and you will no doubt love it!

Up for a lovely and cheesy time with Mashi Corndog? Grab their Mozza Hotdog and Full Mozza variants! Want to go for something that is venturesome and exciting? Their Potato and Squidy Classic are just waiting for you to snatch them. If you want to try them all, you can indulge with them when you go for Mashi Corndog’s Corndogs in a Box offering.

Always freshly made and available on foodpanda and LalaFood, Mashi Corndogs has branches in Parañaque and Valenzuela, so if you are near those areas, you are in luck! For more information, you can check out Mashi Corndogs on their Facebook and Instagram Pages.

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