May it be breakfast, lunch, or dinner, Val and Joe Pinoy Diner is the one to deliciously conquer!

If you are looking for a dining place that highlights American food customized to fit the palate of the Filipinos, then Val and Joe Pinoy Diner is a diner style restaurant serving exactly those kinds of dishes. From appetizers, to rice meals, to pastas, to salads, to desserts, anything and everything is absolutely appetizing to look at as definitely delicious and satisfying as well.

As Val and Joe Pinoy Diner is of Filipino-American fusion, their recipes are of their family recipes as well so you are sure to have a taste of home and tenderness may it be in every bite or in every spoonful. Alongside great food that we are about to get into, this diner style restaurant has an ambiance that would make your meal time extra comfy and extra enjoyable.


With that, the Chicken and Camote Fries ala France is an order of their appetizer that is well coated chicken fingers and crispy camote fries served with special parsley mayo dip.


Onto some rice meals because who can live without that, right? The Roncival’s Steakriffic is a wonderful dish with grilled t-bone steak in Pinoy bistek sauce with one side dish of your choice.

Another rice meal is the Joe’s Grilled Rib Fantastic which is a delightful dish filled with special barbecue marinated ribs; gently cooked, grilled and served with one side dish of your choice.


Next is the Sausagelicouuusss which is another rice meal of Val and Joe Pinoy Diner that would be great for meat lovers as well as cheese lovers because this one is of grilled cheesy Hungarian sausage with one side dish of your choice.


If you are a breakfast person, but just not a morning person, then Val and Joe Pinoy Diner has some All Day Breakfast dishes that would make your dream of finally eating breakfast come true. The Benita’s Beefsilog is of sautéed beef cooked until tender with sunny side up egg, garlic fried rice, and radish salad on the side.


And of course, if rice is not the kind of carbs you are into, then get those energy by having bread and that is the Danyel’s Ultimate Power Longganisa Burger which interestingly enough is a pandesal burger with grilled beef longganisa, bacon, sunny side up egg, lettuce, tomato cucumber slaw topped with melted cheese and cheese sauce.


If bread is still not your stuff, then no worries because Val and Joe Pinoy Diner got some pasta dishes for you. Try out the Whako Taco Carbonara which is a taco flavored ground beef mixed in a cheesy and creamy white sauce in linguine pasta topped with cheddar cheese and garlic bread on the side.


While the Sausage Pasta ni Rhyle is a linguine pasta mixed with freshly made tomato sauce dip with grilled cheese sausages, parmesan cheese, and garlic bread on the side.

Bringing out the big guns, as food here in Val and Joe Pinoy Diner is best enjoyed with an amazing company, they also have dishes that are surely not just good, but great for sharing!

The Fish Fillet with Parsley Mayo Dip by Ron is a serving of fish fillet coated in exceptional spices and bread crumbs, fried to perfection with parsley mayo dip, and sweet potato fries.


Following that with a dish that would also not only make one tummy happy, but more, is the Joyce’s Original Krispy Kare-Kare Recipe which is of creamy and tasty kare-kare sauce with blanched vegetables and crispy pork slice and home-made bagoong on the side.


Lastly, as this restaurant is Val and Joe Pinoy Diner, of course you should not miss out the Val and Joe’s All Meat Platters which is a splendid platter of two grilled sausages, one rib, one steak, and two side dishes of your choice with pinoy barbecue sauce and bistek sauce.

Val and Joe Pinoy Diner is really great for family dinners or a lovely brunch with friends as their dishes are not just great tasting but would make you dig in for more, resulting to more laughter-filled fun moments and a time well spent.

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