M&Co. Sweets is the kind of company you will always be craving for

With a longstanding passion for baking and by using only the finest and highest quality of ingredients they could get their hands on, M&Co. Sweets have come up with the tastiest rolls they could and everyone is just in love with it. Also, there is just no denying that a lot of us have been rolling with the punches since the announcement of lockdown at the first quarter of the year, others even have grown rolls since then, but all of us deserve these rolls deliciously created by M&Co. Sweets!

M&Co. Sweets is more than just sweets; instead they are all about homemade cinnamon rolls that are all baked fresh to your order and shipped right from the kitchen. From their Classic Cinnamon Rolls to their Cream Cheese Topped Cinnamon Rolls, each one is just a different kind of heaven for everyone and we could not wait for you to experience all of them.

Their Classic Rolls come in three different box sizes which are Box of Six (Php 290), Box of Nine (Php 405), and Box of 12 (Php 540). These delectable choice is such an original as this is where they have started it all. You can also opt to have these topped with Cream Cheese for when you are a fan of that.

Other than those, M&Co. Sweets also has Pre-Selected Box Sets which include assorted flavors. Their Box of Nine comes in three sets. Set A (Php 550) includes three pieces of classic, three pieces of oreo crumble, and three pieces of pecan caramel; while Set B (Php 585) includes nine pieces of oreo crumble; and Set C (Php 630) includes 9 pieces of pecan caramel.

However, if you could handle more, they also offer three sets of Box of Twelve. Set A (Php 690) includes six pieces of classic, three pieces of oreo crumble, and three pieces of pecan caramel; then Set B (Php 675) includes six pieces of classic and six pieces of oreo crumble; and Set C (Php 700) includes six pieces of clasic and six pieces of pecan caramel.

All this talk of M&Co. Sweets’ Cinnamon Rolls probably got you craving for it, so don’t think twice and check out their Facebook and Instagram Pages now. Also, don’t be shy and drop them a message if you have any queries or you are ready to order.

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