Meanne’s Homemade Salsa – a great homemade find!

When you come across a Tortilla snack sitting on a grocery shelf you will most definitely go buy a Salsa or a dip to go along with it.  Oftentimes, it will the brand Tostitos, may it be their Salsa or their Cheese dip it’s a great choice for any tortilla chips.

But last week, everything changed, when I received a delivery from Kusina Organika.

IMG_1884I initially tried their Nacho Corn Chips with Cheese and Jalapeno and I instantly like it. Dipping the tortilla chips on cheese is such a delight plus you get to enjoy the twist that comes from the spiciness of the flavor.

IMG_20160802_040451Then, I tasted  their Salsa, and boy I fell in love with it.  It has everything that I’m craving for in a Salsa.  The spices, the sweet tomato, onions, pickles and the chili taste, all in one perfect package.  I nearly empty the bag of their Nacho Corn Chips in one sitting.

IMG_20160802_040236I have always been a fan of Nachos, Tortillas, Salsa’s and Dips but I was never this addicted.  Until I have tasted Kusina Organika’s Homemade Salsa’s and Dips.  It was really fascinating how the different flavors seem to be mixed the right way.  My mouth was literally on fire while munching the Cheese and Jalapeno and yet I couldn’t stop myself from eating it.

IMG_1789Surely, Kusina Organika’s Homemade offering is such a great find for all Tortilla and Salsa lovers out there like me.  If you want to know more about their fantastic homemade products, you may check them on their social media accounts below.


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