A luxurious and delicious experience awaits at Melc Patisserie

“The World’s Most Affordable Luxury Good”, that’s what Melc Patisserie is all about. They might be new in the scene, but trust us, Melc Patisserie is more than just a gorgeous patisserie in the lustrous food hub of Ayala Triangle Gardens.

The sight of their stunning and mouth watering pastries by their window, as well as their well-designed store space will already tell you that they have the qualities of a sound and balanced brand, as well as an owner that is not only just hands-on, but also passionate in her craft. Melc Patisserie Chef and Founder Melissa Lim is truly an amazing and inspiring woman. 

Believe it or not, she did not study in the most expensive pastry schools, but rather she dedicated her time during the COVID-19 lockdown in studying quite intensely, by attending a lot of master classes. Melissa Lim applied the philosophy behind the marketing principle, growth hacking, in her learning journey in regards to laminated pastries and modern cakes. Through this, she was able to acquire tons of information and techniques in a shorter period of time. 

She was even one of the top 10 finalists of MasterChef Singapore, wherein she was able to get connected with some Michelin-starred pastry chefs that were very kind as they provided her mentorship. She then applied the learning she acquired on MasterChef to the business, and all this translates to the pastries that are available in Melc Patisserie. 

That being said, Melc Patisserie is a French and Japanese inspired patisserie offering freshly baked goodies that are surely a bang for your buck! The pastries displayed by their store window includes both staples and seasonal ones, especially the fruit-based options. 

Not A Coconut

Their Dalandan (Php 300) which has dalandan and pomelo whipped ganache, speculoos sable, black tea, and citrus compote; as well as their Not A Coconut (Php 350) which has yuzu madeleine, pineapple mousse, mango cremeux, chocolate glaze, and tropical compote are both delectable and refreshing choices. 


Meanwhile, their Tomato (Php 350) is a pastry that blurs the line between sweet and savory as this has white chocolate, grana padano sable, fromage blanc, mascarpone, roasted pecans, cherry tomatoes, fresh basil, and parmesan. This one also includes an olive oil dripper that you get to squeeze all over the pastry before eating. 


If you are leaning more onto the sweet side, though, then their Caramel (Php 350) will absolutely have you wrapped in bliss! This has hazelnut and coffee sable, beurre noisette financier, and vanilla salted caramel sauce. Indeed, this one is a sweet treat that also has different flavor dimensions in it.

Truffled Mushroom Quiche Tart
Terriyaki Braid

Aside from pastries, Melc Patisserie also has bread up for grabs. Their Truffled Mushroom Quiche Tart (Php 300) which has AOP butter, porcini, oyster, mushrooms, black truffle; their Spinach (Php 300) which has laminated dough, spinach and artichoke, roasted garlic confit, and cream cheese; as well as their Terriyaki Braid (Php 240) which is a croissant bread with tsukune chicken, meatballs, homemade teriyaki sauce, furikake, kewpie mayo, and edible greens are delicious savory options that will have your taste buds teased and excited. 

Bicolor Pain Au Chocolat

Other than savories, Melc Patisserie is also ready to fill your sweet tooth with a few other luscious breads too. Their Bicolor Pain Au Chocolat (Php 260) which is made with butter, matcha tuile, and couverture chocolate batons; and their Cookie (Php 230) which is a new addition and is made with buerre noisette and hazelnut cookie, their version of nutella, roasted caramelized hazelnut, and AOP butter are like an endearing embrace in food form. 

Pink Guava Cheeseboard

Of course, Melc Patisserie also has fruit-starred yummies lined up. Their Pink Guava Cheeseboard (Php 240) which has guava and passionfruit jam, homemade boursin cheese, croissant wreath, and rosemary; as well as their Twice Baked Strawberry Croissant (Php 210) which has fresh Korean strawberries, edible flowers, strawberry frangipane, fresh almond slices, and AOP butter are certainly must-tries and must-haves!

Other than freshly baked and made breads and pastries, Melc Patisserie also has revitalizing drinks ready for taking! They use fresh tea leaves and fresh fruits for their teas and milkteas; and their mixture is not as sweet as others, but of course, their sugar level can also be adjusted. 

Uji Matcha Latte and Arabica Cold Brew with Valencia Orange

Their Arabica Cold Brew with Valencia Orange (Php 160) which is also known as ACB is the only coffee-based drink that is currently in their menu and is actually one that you should not miss out on, much like their Uji Matcha Latte (Php 170 | Php 190). These two drinks will just really give you that much-needed boost after a task-filled day. 

Honeydew Fruitea and Italian Hazelnut Milk Tea

Apart from those two, Melc Patisserie is also offering Milk Teas. Their Brown Sugar Milk Tea with Pearls (Php 180 | Php 200), Signature Milk Tea with Cheese Froth (Php 180 | Php 200), as well as Italian Hazelnut Milk Tea (Php 160 | Php 180) are just some of the yummy sippies you can go for; but if you are looking for something fruity, then make sure to say yes to their Honeydew Fruitea (Php 180) which is just so easy to love too!

It is really such an exciting time with Melc Patisserie around. Melissa Lim and the whole team of Melc Patisserie absolutely nailed it with their beautiful and appetizing creations. Know more about Melc Patisserie by visiting their Facebook and Instagram.

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