Mella Hotel’s The Veranda sure prepared us a wonderful dinner

One thing we truly know about Mella Hotel is they know how to provide a wonderful and delicious dining experience. Believe it or not, they actually have a few dining options that could house your refreshing breakfast with family, relaxing brunches with friends, meetings over coffee with colleagues, and of course, celebration dinners with loved ones. Indeed, a delectable dining experience is guaranteed with any of Mella Hotel’s restaurants. 

Speaking of their restaurants, The Veranda of Mella Hotel is where we had our dinner when we stayed with them. Here we were able to feast on fabulous flavors close to our hearts as The Veranda actually puts the spotlight on both local and international dishes. With our dinner expertly prepared by their world-class chefs, every minute of it was certainly flavorful! 


Right off the bat, The Veranda of Mella Hotel impressed us with dishes starring both poultry and meat. Their Binakol Paella and Kare-Kare were no doubt delicious! Every mouthful of these two had us scooping more rice too because we just can’t resist. 

Beef Pares with Bone Marrow
Beef Salpicao

Other than those two, we were also pampered by The Veranda of Mella Hotel with two of their beef dishes. Their Beef Pares with Bone Marrow as well as their Beef Salpicao were both sumptuous and scrumptious. These drool-worthy dishes just had our hearts in an instant and we are not embarrassed to admit that at all. 

C5 Espress
Balsahanni Mella

Of course, The Veranda of Mella Hotel also served us their best selling offerings. To be frank, we are still dreaming about their C5 Express and Balsahan ni Mella from time to time. We just really like the straightforwardness, freshness, as well as the lusciousness of these dishes.  

Malunggay Pesto

To carb our dinner up even more, a serving of their well-loved Malunggay Pesto was also placed on our table. Believe it or not, we have actually experienced food with malunggay in it but this Malunggay Pesto by The Veranda of Mella Hotel was a new one for us and we are not going to lie, we slurped every noodle in that dish until all we had was an empty plate! 

Black Palitaw
Turon Ala Mode

Ending our dinner on a delectable note, we were treated to a classic dessert time with some twists! Their Black Palitaw as well as their Turon ala Mode were just downright lovely and we seriously think we could not have ended our night better than that! 

Give your palate a delicious time and dine with Mella Hotel’s The Veranda or other restaurants. Visit their Facebook, Instagram, and Website for more details. 

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