Melonpan Ice Serves Up a New Menu The World’s (second) Best Melonpan to Open Branch in Robinsons Magnolia

Melonpan Ice, a popular dessert shop from Japan, is set to make this summer even more refreshing with new offerings, including its first savory melonpan. Bursting with creamy kani tamago, this tangy lunch option is perfect for those who want a taste bit of Japan while on their way to work. Combined with thin strips of crab, egg and a special sauce, the kani tamago melonpan is bursting with delicious flavors that will surely fill you up.

But that isn’t the only thing to start salivating for. Three new melonpan are being added to the offerings: chocolate chip, almond and matcha as well as these three new summer drinks:

  • Yuzu tea – This popular winter tea has a light citrus taste. It is a fragrant and refreshing drink and is also well-known for its anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Natsume Jujube tea – This sweet, almost candy-like, tea is jam-packed with loads of health benefits, including being a very good source of vitamin C.
  • Apricot tea – Who doesn’t love the taste of apricots? The sweet yet tangy tea makes an ideal pair for more decadent melonpans.

Craving for a more Japanese flavor? Refresh yourself with either an iced matcha tea or an iced matcha latte. With its unique taste and aroma, these two drinks cool the body in a delightful way.

A melonpan is a baked sweet bun that resembles a melon and is served with gelato. This distinctly Japanese dessert has taken the world by storm by being both light yet indulgent. It is the perfect summer snack (or with this new menu, main meal) for those who want something different.

And for those wondering why the shop only claims to be the second best in the world: Melonpan Ice pays respect to the shop’s master – the one who taught them how to make the best melonpans! The Japanese are nothing but respectful, after all.

Here’s a sweet tidbit: Melonpan is set to open its second branch in Robinsons Magnolia in June. With its first store in Eastwood City Walk, this new branch reaches more people who want to delight in this addicting Japanese dessert.There are more things to expect from Melonpan Ice in the future. Until then, the best thing to do is to try their new menu and share a blissful summer with your friends and family.

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