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Menya Kokoro: your soup-less ramen is now in the PH!

Was it just me or we just had the longest summer so far in Pinas? I know I heard it somewhere, but anyways… rain’s finally here! And because we are natural foodies, we are always ‘game’ to try out something new to indulge during the rainy season.

Of course, there’s always the best goto, lugaw, arrozcaldo, and other Pinoy food perfect for the “Netflix and chill” weather. Well aside from those yummies, we also love ramens which are almost everywhere. You know what’s new? MAZESOBA!

Mazesoba is literally translated as mixed noodle – soupless ramen (or dry ramen) made with soba or Japanese noodles. The soba is thicker than your usual, chewy, multigrain, and pulled/made in-house.

As a friend mentioned, a bowl of mazesoba is a bowl of “ramen for all seasons”. In other countries, it’s best served during summer, but in the Philippines, I guess we just eat everything anytime, right? (Uhm…)

Chef Takuma Ishikawa launched his restaurant in Tokyo in 2013, and with all the positive reviews and feedbacks from customers, they expanded the brand in major cities of beautiful foodie countries such as Thailand, Canada, and Singapore since then. And finally, it was brought in to the Philippines – all thanks to Mr. Malvin Ang.

Menya Kokoro | themhayonnaise

Handpicked by the Menya Kokoro Phillipines team are six of the best variants from Tokyo. And take note: they’re brought here with their original recipe serving the authentic Tokyo flavors. It’s soooo good, I’d like to go back there again the soonest! In fact, they won the #1 mazesoba in Tokyo in 2014. Well, that (aside from my pictures and words) is your proof that their bowls of mazesoba is really worth your time and money.

The original/classic menu item which is the most recommended and most ordered so far is their Tokyo Mazesoba. Topped with seaweed flakes, green onion chives, minced garlic, ground mackarel, onion, minced beef, and egg (can be requested to serve raw or poached), this bowl of mazesoba is indeed ~classic~.

Another best-seller is the Vegan Mazesoba. Perfect for vegan foodies, this bowl of soba is loaded with meatless toppings such as garden-fresh greens, tart tomatoes, cucumbers, corn, minced tofu and rich sauce with little taste of turmeric and mustard.

This one is my personal favorite, not just because it has the most toppings, but also ~nasakanya na ang lahat~. “Zenbu” means “whole parts” or literally everything. So see those on top of Tokyo Mazesoba? They’re also in a bowl of Zenbu Masezoba plus minced pork, chashu, and bamboo shoots. It’s soooo full of flavor, you’ll want more!

Cheese Mazesoba is almost similar to the original one, except it is also topped with s large scoop of melted mozzarella. Hey, cheese lovers, I know you want to try this one!

The Curry Mazesoba, on the other hand, is topped with curry sauce (also created in-house), beef slices, minced meat sauce, and egg.

*rates are as of July 2019

Menya Kokoro says a bowl of mazesoba is best enjoyed in three ways: 1) try it as is, 2) try it with their special Kombu Vinegar, and after enjoying the home-made Japanese noodles, 3) mix the remaining sauce with oimeshi (a portion of rice) to get the amazing taste

Menya Kokoro also serves your favorite Japanese appetizers and side dishes. What I could really recommend as a “must-try” is the rich-flavored takoyaki and cheese gyoza. You read it right! Gyoza with cheese! Oh, what a heaven it is~

Menya Kokoro is located at the Third Floor, Uptown Place Mall, 36th Street Corner 9th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City serving 10am to 11pm daily.

Menya Kokoro | themhayonnaise

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