Milksha: From Taiwan with love and freshness like no other!

Ever since we were little, we have been fans of milk already. Having said that, we still think that nothing compares to a cup of fresh milk, whether it is warm or cold. A glass of this all-time favorite drink just brings us a different kind of comfort, especially when we feel like we need some respite. 

Milksha Pop-Up Event

Now that we are adults, we could say that our palate has grown to love drinks that could give us some kind of rush and buzz, but our love for milk has stayed with us all throughout as well. And so, we still find ourselves making sure we have some fresh milk near us whenever we feel like having it and whenever we need it. It just really soothes us in a way that it could only provide. 

As that is the case, we are undeniably happy that Milksha is finally here in the Philippines! They even held such an exciting pop-up event last November 13 to 15! We had so much fun and it was a delight sipping their drinks.

Milksha actually originated and grew from Taiwanese dairy farmers’ love for land; and in their hometown, Milksha is actually known as Milkshop. Although, entering the international market, they decided to use the brand Milksha which we think is great as it resonates how tasty and pure their offerings are since they are insistent on using natural ingredients. 

Currently, Milksha is serving pure joy and indulgence with their irresistible drinks! Highlighting the delectableness of fresh milk, Milksha’s Valrhona Chocolate and Signature Taro will give you that goodness that could make your lips smack! Their Valrhona Chocolate (Regular Php 150 | Large Php 170) is their luscious cocoa milk made with premium Valrhona cocoa from France and fresh milk topped with signature honey pearls; while their Signature Taro (Regular Php 135 | Large Php 155) is their signature taro drink made with high quality taro from Taiwan and fresh milk. 

Milksha is not only well-loved for their milk-starred drinks, though, because they also have delicious milk tea options up for taking! Their Honey Pearl (Regular Php 125 | Large Php 155) is honestly their bestselling milk tea with its signature honey pearls and is made with premium black tea blended with fresh milk; while their Black Tea Latte with Pudding (Regular Php 120 | Large Php 140) is their other crowd favorite milk tea with pudding and is also made with premium black tea blended with fresh milk! Milksha is really big on fresh milk and we are all for it! 

If you are more of a drinker that likes fruity notes in every sip, then Milksha’s Wintermelon Lemon (Regular Php 110 | Large Php 130) will absolutely smack you right in the face (in a good and delicious way, don’t worry)! This is a refreshing drink made with the fresh and natural taste of wintermelon and 100% lemon juice, after all, so surely, this will not disappoint you. 

What else are you waiting for? Come on and experience freshness and indulgence in a cup by snatching a cup or two of Milksha goodness. Visit their Facebook, Instagram, and Website for more information. 

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