Miss Pares is bringing heaven right at your doorstep!

Taste of heaven? Miss Pares says, “No can do.”, because their goal is to actually bring heaven to you. With a menu that could have anyone drooling and dreaming for days, it is not a surprise that Miss Pares has garnered a loyal number of customers that could attest to the goodness they could provide. 

Putok Batok Overload (Bagnet)

Although, since you are already here, you need not to find all those customers to get a glimpse of what they actually think about Miss Pares, because just like always, we got you! That’s right, when we heard about Miss Pares and how they could deliver heaven right at our very doorstep, we just knew we had to have them—and so that’s exactly what we did. 

Before going huge, let us first tease you with a simple classic Filipino dish that we know you already love: Sisig. But wait, because by now you should know that Miss Pares doesn’t do simple. Miss Pares’ Sisig is called Sisigma‐Loaded and that is because it is absolutely tasty and heavy on the belly. 

Putok Batok Overload (Bone Marrows)

Sisigma-Loaded is a generous serving of crispy chopped pork, chopped green chilis, egg, and then drizzled with their signature sauce, plus topped with a red chili. Truly, it is as flavorful and as filling as it could get, especially because all that is on a bed of steamed white rice. Yummy, right? 

Once you have joyfully eased your way through their Sisigma-Loaded, let us now bring you what Miss Pares is actually known for, their Putok Batok Overload! This one is called heaven in a box and you will surely find out soon enough why. 

Putok Batok Overload

Miss Pares’ Putok Batok Overload is packed and loaded with five gastronomic dishes! Inside this heaven in a box, you will be indulging in Chicken Skin, Chicharon Bulaklak, Bagnet, Pares, and Bone Marrows—could you even imagine? Well, honestly, you need not to imagine it because Miss Pares has turned that into a reality for you! 

Certainly, their Putok Batok Overload is not for the faint of heart so watch out for yourself when you are enjoying this feast. We swear, this heaven in a box is the real deal! 

Catch more heavenly dishes from Miss Pares! You can visit their Facebook and Instagram for more details. 

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