Mixing tradition with modernity, blending classic with free spirit vibe, Lan Kwai Speakeasy is the one you have to go to, taste, and see!


Celebrated their first birthday just last August, Lan Kwai Speakeasy is open every day until 2AM, except Sunday which is until 1AM, serving you good food and great drinks that are Hong Kong inspired and which you can enjoy over casual talks or deep conversations in a hip, cool space.





With a story as vibrant and as poppin’ as their place, Lan Kwai Speakeasy happened because of two legen – wait for it – dary trips to Hong Kong by two different groups of friends. Starting from their interiors, down to their menu, each of it is telling a story of adventures in Hong Kong’s Central and Sheung Wan districts.




Inspired from the iconic Lan kwai Fong Square, a bright and beautiful melting pot of streets that celebrates the electic culture of these modern times, Lan Kwai Speakeasy was created to share that wonderful experience with both their diners and drinkers in the hopes to have an abode wherein they can literally speak easy over good music, great food, interesting drinks, and the best company.


With that, as we delight in their splendid playlist which you can also check out online, we started munching on some meat on a stick, one of Lan Kwai Speakeasy’s Shao Kao Skewers which are ultra-tender grilled skewers served by twos with Japanese mayo, char siu sauce, and scallions, and their chef’s ultimate grilled specialty, the Rib Finger Skewers (Php 149).


Following that with one of their Chow Chows that are the perfect munchies to share with good company, the Hainanese Fried Chicken Tenders (Php 149) are breadcrumb-coated chicken tenders served with classic Hainanese sauces.


Another delightful munchies to share is Lan Kwai Speakeasy’s Sweet & Sour Chicken Poppers (Php 149) which are chicken thigh fillet bites in a sweet & sour sauce that would give you that playful tangy taste in every bite!

Lan Kawi Speakeasy is not only offering some chi-cha that are to be paired with their drinks, but also some heavy meals, one of which is their Lan Kwai Rice Bowls selection which are all served with a 63° egg and various veggie toppings.


The First Lan Kwai Rice Bowl we got to try was the Crispy Kung Fu Shrimp Rice (Php 159) which includes fried shrimp rolled in crispy noodles served with sriracha honey sauce and spicy mayo.


Next rice meal we had was their Hong Kong Roast Duck Rice (Php 259) which was duck fillet marinated overnight, so this one is surely oozing with flavor, and sided with sautéed Chinese style pechay.



Now, for a more classic turn, Lan Kwai Speakeasy has actually gave a fresh new taste to the classic lemon chicken with their Lemon Chicken Rice (Php 139) that is zesty, sweet, and umami which makes it literally everyone’s fave!


Giving you more than just a twist, the newest addition to the already amazing menu offering of Lan Kwai Speakeasy is Butter Garlic Lemon Chicken which has a sweet, garlic-y taste we definitely enjoyed.



After having some pica-pica and a few rice meals, what we had next is to be honest a personal favorite from their specialty that is their Hong Kong Noodle House selection which are Chinese style noodles served with boiled egg, bok choy, leeks & chilli garlic, and now comes with deep fried cuapao buns, the Braised Beef Brisket Noodles (Php 249) is braised overnight and has undeniably made headlines everywhere as this is their bestselling noodle soup which is no surprise because it is really more than just delicious!

Of course after having some tasty dishes by Lan Kwai Speakeasy, we are not going to pass on the opportunity of having some of their yummy, fascinating drinks.


Starting off with one of their Classic Cocktails, which we all know classic can’t really be beaten, the Lan Kwai Tai (Php 99) is a fruity mai tai that has been a crowd favorite ever since day one!


Following that with an Asian Cocktail in celebration of a culture that anyone should be proud of, the Pink Dragon (Php 169) is a pretty vodka and lychee infused liqueur with dragonfruit which is now included in our favorite list.


We also got to try one of their mules which are vodka and ginger beer concoctions inspired by the original Moscow Mule and is served in a special copper mug, the La La Lychee (Php 129) is a sweet mule with refreshing lychee tones.


And of course we won’t be leaving this awesome place without having one of their famed Fishbowls that comes in solo sizes, good for ridin’ solo or with a friend, and also, big sizes that are good for three to four pals. From that, we had the Designated Survivor (Baby Php 199 | Big Php 405) which is a hard-hitting citrus mixer that includes a mystery shot for the last man standing when you avail the big size! In line with that, don’t even bother asking what’s in the shot because it’s different every time, deary!


We truly loved each and every bit of our stay here in Lan Kwai Speakeasy, so be sure to not less this one pass especially if you are in the Katipunan area.

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