For a festival of Asian treats, SM MOA Asian Food Fest was all you really needed

There’s a lot of fests going around, there’s no denying that, right? There’s music fest, dance fest, and yep, you saw it coming – food fest! Food fest is our favorite out of all the different fests that are popping around! If it isn’t obvious yet, our life revolves on food and we get excited about trying out new ones and going back for old-time faves, too. Food isn’t just a necessity for us, you see? It’s a leisure for us as well. It’s something that helps calm our nerves, de-stress our restless mind and body, and just help us cope up with everything that is happening in our lives.

And so, being able to attend SM Mall of Asia Asian Food Fest, boy, we got ourselves in an Asian treat, we tell ya! SM MOA really traveled our taste buds around Asia as they come up with food booths right in their Main Mall Atrium where people really had a great time exploring a lot of yummy Asian options. Filled with popular snacks from japan, Korea, China, Taiwan, and of course, our very own country, Philippines, people really were hooked and even lining up to get a taste.

From delicious yakitori sticks and okonomiyaki from the Land of the Rising Sun, homemade dumplings from the country that was once called the Sleeping Giant, bubble milkteas from the colorful country that is Taiwan, and down to the ever-loved street food of ours, everyone sure was thrilled to roam around this Asian Food Fest held at SM MOA.

It’s not a surprise, though, since the food brands that have participated really are just hard to say no to, you know? There was Coco, Yi Fang, Macao Imperial Tea that have satisfied everyone’s milktea cravings! Our favorite was Samjin Amook’s Signature Dish which was on skewers. We just could not wait to have those again!

Truly, this Asian Food Fest at SM MOA was a blast! People even got the chance to dine either on a table with high stools, or on the floor with pillows for ultimate homey feel all the while enjoying their food in a casual setting that was made pretty with cherry-blossoms-inspired decors. And so, if there’s another food fest in town, you bet you will be seeing us munching our way into each food stall!

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