Momo Korean Egg Drop Sandwiches Are Finally Here!

Egg Drop Sandwiches have been making rounds lately. Have you guys noticed that? A bunch of stores – both physical and online – have suddenly popped up here and there offering this hearty and yummy goodie. Just so you know, Egg Drop Sandwich is a popular Korean egg sandwich that is made with fluffy scrambled eggs alongside some ham or bacon and cheese! Sounds like a scrumptious food choice, right? That is because it really is! An Egg Drop Sandwich could satisfy your hangry tummy as well as please your craving palate in no time, that is why it is very much well-loved by many.

As that is the case, good thing Momo Korean Egg Drop, the number one egg drop brand here in the country, has finally hatched and has been offering a fast food alternative that is catered to the new generation that is all about making the most out of their time. As this new generation is mostly about grab-and-go, Momo Korean Egg Drop is committed in bringing them the best value in terms of food, price, and service.

With Momo Korean Egg Drop’s aim to provide what this generation needs and wants, they have come up with five drool-worthy flavors that are named after places in Korea. Start by bringing home the bacon right away! Their Gwangju Egg Drop Sandwich (Php 160) is of premium bacon, corn, momo egg, momo sauce, and cheese.  

Next to that is none other than their Jeju Egg Drop Sandwich (Php 170) that is a great choice for when you want something sweet, savory, and avocadowesome! This one is hefty sandwich serving filled with premium ham, avocado, momo egg, momo sauce, and cheese.

Moving on, ride a train and make sure to have their Busan Egg Drop Sandwich (Php 160) with you. Don’t worry, there are no zombies waiting for you; just a delicious and heavy-on-the-belly sandwich that is of tuna, tomato, momo egg, momo sauce, and cheese!

Of course, will this really feel like touring Korea, if there is no Seoul Egg Drop Sandwich (Php 180)? Of course not, so you better be sure to have this one next! Generously filled with spam, mango, nori, momo egg, momo sauce, and cheese, this one is such a refreshing sandwich to have.

Last, but definitely not the least, Momo Korean Egg Drop’s Itaewon Egg Drop Sandwich (Php 180) is an absolute must-try! This one is just so good as every bite will be a mouthful of chicken, pesto, momo egg, momo sauce, and cheese! Truly, a heart-warming and comforting dish to devour!

Momo Korean Egg Drop has been claiming hearts here in the Philippines fast, ever since they have opened – and that is because they listen well to what their customers really want. Just like how they released a special Egg Drop Sandwich for Halloween! The Myeong Dong Egg Drop Sandwich (Php 245) is a special Momo Korean Egg Drop offer that is of Aus Marbled Ribeye Steak, caramelized onion, momo egg, momo sauce, and cheese all sandwiched in a delectable charcoal bread! Yum, huh?

Other than Egg Drop Sandwiches, Momo Korean Egg Drop also has coolers that are up for grabs such as House Blend Iced Tea (Php 70), Coffee Mocha (Php 110), and Cold Brew (Php 110). These drinks are such a nice pairing to whatever Momo Korean Egg Drop Sandwich you are to go for!

Check out Momo Korean Egg Drop, their Egg Drop Sandwiches, and what else they have hatching over there by visiting their Facebook and Instagram Pages or dropping by their physical store at Granada Street cor Santolan Quezon City. Soon you will also be catching Momo Korean Egg Drop in Uptown BGC and SM Moa so stay tuned!

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