Monalisa Kitchen celebrates more than just Filipino comfort food

Businesses have been trying their best to adapt and adjust for over a year now. Many have decided to close for the time being while a lot was also able to make things work. Other than established businesses thriving, new ones have also taken the risk to open amidst this global pandemic – like Monalisa Kitchen.

Monalisa Kitchen started around the last quarter of last year and they have faced many challenges since then – from making people aware of the delicious food options they are offering to actually bringing more people in. With that, Monalisa Kitchen was surely able to have a solution for those as they have garnered quite a number of regulars already which is not a surprise at all.

Entering Monalisa Kitchen is like entering home, but better. Their ambience is very much welcoming, relaxing, and just overall, perfect for family get-togethers and friends hanging out as their space offers a fresh take on a rather old Filipino house turned restaurant. Aside from their setting, their food selection is splendid as well.

Highlighting Filipino cuisine, Monalisa Kitchen partnered with a chef to conceptualize their menu. Their bestsellers? Well, their Crispy Pork Binagoongan (php 325) as well as their Caldereta (Php 395) have already been dubbed as Monalisa Favorites as these ones are absolutely tasty in every dig and is a wonderful pairing to rice.

Meanwhile, their Beef Bulalo (Php 395) and Kare-Kare (Php 465) are another two dishes heavy on the belly. These two come in a hefty bowl of goodness that are meant to be shared on the table with people dear to you and close to your heart.

Topping this already hearty meal with Monalisa Kitchen are two more savories that would leave you wanting for more – their Crispy Pork Sisig (Php 295) and Crispy Pata (Php 750). These two yummies would double the fun on your table as each mouthful is just worth the cheat!

Monalisa Kitchen may be considered baby in the food scene still, but they sure are sweeping everyone off of their feet as their offerings really will have you hooked with them in no time. Aside from dine in, Monalisa Kitchen are also up for take-out, delivery, and even catering. If you have events coming up, you can definitely hit them up as well.

You can reach out to Monalisa Kitchen by dropping them a message on their Facebook and Instagram; and you can also check out their posts to know more about them and their offerings too, of course!      

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