More than just a number: +36 by The Lind Boracay is your mid-day bff and night time partner-in-crime

Ready to have a fun time from mid-day until night time? Say no more, because here comes The Lind Boracay’s +36! Named after Boracay’s area code, +36 is a lobby lounge & bar that resembles a sophisticated salon, located at the lobby level.

This one is perf for mid-day snacks in which diners could indulge in bite-sized servings of tapas; and at night +36 transforms into a chic lounge where everyone can just sample The Lind Boracay’s very own cocktail creations and other fave libations – yay, right?!

+36 being cozy and spacious is definitely a fantastic spot to watch Boracay’s wold-famous sunset, so to really make the best out of that experience, better dig into what they call their Sungkaan Board which is of green mangoes with homemade bagoong, cheesesticks, mini pork barbecue, pugo or tokneneng with coconut vinegar, smoked fish spring roll, crispy pork siomai, as well as sweet and spicy dilis. Talk about munchies, yes?

While taking time enjoying that one, of course, chug all that down with their cocktails such as their 1000 and One Night, a bestseller that is of rum and coconut; their Slick and Red which is of rum and raspberry puree; their Pink Fancy which is of yogurt and rum, and tastes like bubblegum; and their Purple Grenade which is of pomegranate and rum, great for anyone who really wants their drink to be strong as this one is undeniably such a bomb!

+36 Lobby Lounge & Bar really is such a wonderful dining option at The Lind Boracay as stay-in guests alongside walk-in diners or maybe even just drinkers could kickstart their gastro-trip as well as their chill drinking time!

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Address: Station 1, Barangay Balabag, Boracay Island, 5608 Aklan

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