More than just a vibe: Isla – The Island Experience is an ultimate paradise!

For some, staying in a luxury hotel or in a gorgeous resort is the vacation that they need. However, if you are a sucker for nature, beach, and rush, Isla – The Island Experience should be your spot. Located in an island called Daracotan in El Nido, Isla – The Island Experience is dubbed as a glamping site, but with them, you won’t really be getting something glamorous, because what you will be getting is something simple and straightforward – just like how things should be. Yes, let’s stop beating around the bush and just dive right into it!

Isla – The Island Experience is exactly what it is called, because here, people could really enjoy the island life – surrounded by trees, sand in their feet, sun on their skin, and the beach just right in front of them. This paradise really is far from all the hustle and bustle of city life that is of people on their phones, fast walks, tall buildings, and vehicle-filled roads. Isla – The Island Experience is no doubt the perfect getaway!

Living in this paradise, you will be staying in an elevated nipa hut-inspired room which includes the basic necessities for a good rest time, also known as comfy beds. If you are worried about mosquitoes, know that your bed will have a net-like cover which Filipinos call kulambo. That’s another thing about Isla – The Island Experience, they teach you the lives of the locals and the Filipino culture, too.

Isla – The Island Experience and its guests actually stands as a community and so everyone is invited to share their stories over drinks, food, and even over a bonfire. More into this, Isla – The Island Experience also encourages their guests to actually join their challenges, because building and tightening bonds is another thing here that they like to do.

They also have a bar where guests could order their refreshments may it be an alcoholic one or something just to quench the thirst. Meanwhile, for the food, they have a cook that cooks the food and that food will be shared by everyone like a communal of some sort, so really guests will be able to get to know each other while enjoying the island life.

Isla –The Island Experience also has some bean bags, chairs, benches, and lounges wherein their guests could take a moment, drink in the view, or even squeeze in some sunbathing. Speaking of sunbathing, of course, guests could also do that in the beach area and being in their beach area, the water is really tempting so you will most probably won’t be able to stop yourself from taking a dip.

Although, speaking of taking a dip, there’s something here at Isla – The Island Experience that is absolutely a thrill. They have a shipwreck nearby and so, if you like the spooky kind of thrill, this one really checks that box!

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Address: Daracotan Island, El Nido, Palawan

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