More than just aesthetic: Munch on yummy, budget-friendly Japanese nomnoms at Motto Motto

Want to enjoy that Japanese cuisine in a hip, new environment? Well, Raintree’s newest Japanese concept is created for the young and of course, the young at heart. With not only boppin’, but poppin’ interiors that are of splashes of fun colors such as hues of red, of blue, and of the famous millennial pink, Motto Motto – which means more and more – will really check your boxes of aesthetic, affordability, and of course, deliciousness!

Having a menu that is not only jam-packed, but fun-filled as well, get a load of breakfast dishes, all-day brunch meals, teishoku sets, sashimis, makis and rolls, snacks, salads, rice meals, skinkansen set for kids, tempuras, yakitoris, and so much more than you can probably imagine.

As you are to take on the beaut that is Motto Motto, you can first drink up some delightful beverages such as the Tiramisu Coffee Jelly (Php 225) which is such a fun way to wake your senses up and the Strawberry Guava Yakult (Php 150) which will make you feel like a child again with its sweet and tangy flavor. Both being crafted specialty Motto Motto beverages, you will no doubt feel special in every sip.

Tiramisu Coffee Jelly (Php 225)

Strawberry Guava Yakult (Php 150)

For when you have so matcha love that you think matcha and you are a matcha made in heaven, then you will go cray cray over Motto Motto’s selection of Matcha and Tea, particularly the Matcha Latte (Php 125) which is a delectable blend of matcha and milk that will sure to make you say you have finally met your matcha.

If you feel like you are ready for the big guns, then you have to check out Motto Motto’s All Day Teishoku Set Menus and get to try some of it, if not all, like the Shoga-Yaki Teishoku Set (Php 375) and the Hamburg Steak Teishoku Set (Php 520) which both comes with Japanese rice, 2 side dishes, Japanese pickles, mini chawanmushi, mini salad, miso soup, mini dessert!

Shoga-Yaki Teishoku Set (Php 375)

Hamburg Steak Teishoku Set (Php 520)

Meanwhile, if you want to take it slow, enjoy every tasty moment with Motto Motto, ease your way into all the fun and flavor-fare that is coming, then order up from their Sashimi House Specials such as the Spicy Tuna (Php 195) which is a flare of yumminess, topped with tempura flakes and mayonnaise, and served with nori.

Follow that savor-the-moment food exploration of yours here at Motto Motto with a bunch of their maki aburi that are all torched to perfection, one of which is the Wagyu Beef (Php 375) that is of course, of wagyu beef, marinated Bluefin tuna, and cucumber.

And of course, as Motto Motto is curated for the younger crowd, the kiddos will sure to enjoy here as well as Motto Motto has a special set made especially for kids, and is even served with a free toy! The Okosama Special! Kid’s Shinkansen Set (Php 295 per set) will have a kid’s tummy, or even yours, full as it comes with spaghetti, chicken karaage, burger patty, potato salad, rice, and dessert!

Truly, Motto Motto is to level up your Japanese cuisine dining experience as they even have some Sizzling rice dish you are certain to love! The Gyu Garlic Miso (Solo Php 195 | Sharing Php 320) is of sizzling miso flavored fried rice with beef and garlic chips; while the Okinawa “Taco Rice” (Solo Php 175 | Sharing Php 295) is an easy fave as this one is of taco beef rice topped with cabbage, tomato salsa, and mayonnaise!

Okinawa “Taco Rice” (Solo Php 175 | Sharing Php 295)

Gyu Garlic Miso (Solo Php 195 | Sharing Php 320)

Other than savory dishes that will absolutely fill you up, Motto Motto also has some delectable desserts that are so worth the cheat on your diet! The Melon Pan (Php 70) and the Matcha Melon Pan (Php 70) are just a few of their breads which are both of sweetness and softness that are just right!

The Melon Pan (Php 70)

Matcha Melon Pan (Php 70)

Moreover, Motto Motto also has some cakes for you to indulge in, such as the The Impossible Cake (Php 295) which is so possible to eat in one sitting as this one is of leche flan on top and has a chocolate moist cake for its bottom.

Other than that, you can also delight in their Cookie Dough Cheesecake (Php 295) which has two classic favorites combined, making cookie lovers and cheesecake fanatics fall in love in every mouthful of it!

Motto Motto definitely knows what they are doing as they got a crowd pouring in everyday so be sure to check them out and dine with them when you find yourself in BGC craving not only for Japanese food, but for awesome Japanese food housed in an awe-inspiring space like no other!

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Address: Ground Floor, Serendra, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City

Hours of Operation: Mondays to Sundays, 8AM to 10PM

Contact Number: 02 9097011

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