More than just Brunch: Marriott Manila brings you the grandest brunch of your life yet with their Sunday Brunch 2.0

Still too sleepy for breakfast, but too hungry to wait for lunch? Solution: Brunch! Not so many people see brunch as an option, but it’s just the convenient meal time for you if you have that same dilemma.

Launched last Mother’s Day, Marriott Manila’s Sunday Brunch 2.0 redefines the typical brunch experience as this one is not restricted to a plate of omelette and toast, a tiny portion of fruit, and a glass of mimosa to kick off your day. Instead, this one just might be the biggest buffet feast yet that undeniably brings the idea of brunch to whole new different level.





The grandeus hotel combines their no doubt exquisite dishes of Marriott Cafe, their indeed top quality delectables of Cru Steakhouse, and their intercontinental delicacies of Greatroom that would fly your palate around the world. All this fabulous treats in one ultimate buffet, under one fabulous roof – Marriott Manila.

Frankly speaking, if you are a picky eater, you do not and should not worry if ever you have something to eat as the options are truly endless, providing everyone the satisfaction to the cravings they have been holding their reigns to. Plus, you sure will be delighting in tasty dish after tasty dish prepared and cooked by the hotel’s award-winning chefs alongside their very much well-trained kitchen staff.

As there really are a great amount of yummy options to choose from and we understand how loads of food can be a bit overwhelming, you can begin your Marriot Manila Sunday Brunch 2.0 dining experience with Greatroom wherein you will find a table of cold cuts, different kinds of cheese, and lovely breads. Do not forget to grab some fresh fruits, nibble on some nuts, or get a taste of jams, honey, and even a glass of delicious wine.

Near that sumptuous table is the Seafood Bar that you would definitely not miss because there is no denying how much their prime selection of different seafood such as lobster, curacha, and shrimps are on display and just calling out your name. With chefs welcome you as you marvel and wonder what to actually take delight in, know that you can request however you want it cooked or ask them to surprise you!




The Greatroom also is a host to an array of local munchies such as piaya, bibingka, tarts, and a whole lot more, creatively served in a colorful jeepney setting that you could also ride or take a picture with. To amp up your Pinoy munchies party, pair it with some thirst quenchers with their arraw of samalamigs or coolers if you may, like buko pandan and sago’t gulaman which is such a classic fave.



The Greatroom is no doubt living up to its name as it also covers an assortment of meat that would have your taste buds happy, especially if you want that smokey, grilled flavor that is loved by many. From marinated pork belly, to barbecue pork ribs, chicken thighs, and a whole lot of tasty treats on a stick, their grilling station is certainly the place to be.







From Greatroom, walk your way to Marriott Manila’s all-day dining restaurant, the Marriott Cafe. This one is known for its extensive menu covering from of course, Filipino cuisine, to somehow a comfort food of many, the Chinese Cuisine, to the flavor-packed cuisine that would add spice to your life, the Indian cuisine, and to the elegant and influential dishes that are from the Italian cuisine. Having their own salmon bar and more bounties from the sea with their Barrels of the Sea selection, Marriott Cafe brings your table a real impressive spread.





Not only that, Marriott Cafe do not joke around when it comes to their desserts as you can stuff yourself up with their decadent cakes, creamy gelato options, and a whole bunch of oh-so-good chocolate! An array of chocolate assortment is what is waiting for you in their dessert table. Choose from different forms of Swiss chocolate such as bars, truffles, with nuts, nougats, biscuit sticks, and even dried fruits. You can also dip some strawberries, mallows, brownies, and more into their tempting and much-loved chocolate fountain.DSC09573




If you think that is the end of it, then you are so wrong because we are only down with two which are Greatroom and Marriott Cafe. You so need to ready yourself for meat sweats because this next one is where their carving station is at. The Cru Steakhouse is in charge and is an expert to steak and basically just all things related to meat! Here you will only get the best prime steaks such as the US certified Angus Beef, steak that is perfectly cooked, tender lechon oozing with flavor and with glorious crispy skin. Alongside those meats, you can put a serving of different veggie goodness such as cheese potatoes and so much more for side. Complete that meatastic meal of yours with some drinks as you can choose from their wines, mocktails, among others.




All the while you are having a feast, you are also to get entertained with the enjoyable activities prepared for you. Also, kids can get imaginative and creative as they express themselves by decorating their own pancake with colorful frostings and a variance of toppings. You, alongside other guests, will truly have fun here at Marriott Manila’s Sunday Brunch 2.0 as they have magicians roaming around making your brunch experience even more amazing, as someone will also be handing out gifts and special surprises to watch out for. They even have a claw machine and a glimmer tattoo station for kids and of course, for the kids at heart, so do not be shy and just try it out!


As Sunday Brunch is a family affair, kids will get to enjoy the entertainment that has been prepared for them, ranging from decorating their own pancakes, to the roaming magicians and balloon-twisting clowns. The children and young at heart can also try their luck at the claw machine to bring home prizes to remember their special day-out. Staff service in character costumes adds another flavor to the buffet too!

Marriott Manila’s Sunday Brunch 2.0 will be available on June 16, 2019 and another on September and December. Rate per person is P3,288 nett. For reservations and inquiries about Manila Marriott’s latest offers, call (632) 988-9999 or visit the hotel’s website, and social media accounts in Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter with the handle @ManilaMarriott.

Marriott Manila has indeed set the bar high not only for brunch, but for the totality of a dining experience with this Sunday Brunch 2.0.


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