Q CUP Cafe’: Offering more than just quality coffee!

A place that perfectly blends the ambiance of serenity and creativity, where a simple glance into the space could ensue one’s mind with the passion to be productive, add a great cup of coffee to the mix and we have Q Cup Philippines, where quality isn’t just a part of their branding but is the lifeblood of this beautifully quaint coffee shop.

If you haven’t heard of Q Cup Philippines yet, they are a coffee shop located at 7 West Ave, Quezon City, whose main specialty is coffee, and believe me when I say that their coffee is no joke. Pick and choose anything from their menu and you’ll see for yourself that the quality in their name isn’t just for show. Now, to start of the year, Q Cup Philippines have expanded their offerings to not just amazing coffee but also remarkably delicious dishes. As we got to know the dishes more we noticed that the same quality and attention detail they put into their coffees has also influenced the way they crafted their food. Just when you thought a place couldn’t get more perfect, great coffee and great food, no one can say no to that.

Hawaiian Pizza

Let me start with probably my favorite dish from their new menu, which by the way choosing a favorite from the menu was insanely difficult, their take on Hawaiian Pizza. On paper it doesn’t sound too exciting I know, but I swear as soon as you dig in into this pizza you will be utterly shocked by how flavorful this simple dish is. You can really tell that they didn’t skimp out on the herbs and seasonings with both the sauce and the dough. Yes, they also herbed and seasoned the dough. I guarantee you that in every bite you will be blown away. As an added bonus, the pizza comes with a side of chips and their in house sauce. They also have an all-meat variant of the pizza which also tastes just as amazing.

Chips Overload

The in house sauce can again be experienced with the next dish, their Chips Overload. And by overload, they really mean OVERLOAD. Again, no skimping happening anywhere near this dish. With chips stacked to the max as the package can hold, smothered on top by cheese, sour cream, beef and veggies, plus their amazing in house sauce on the side, this thing was an absolute blast to eat.

If you’re looking for something more filling than finger food though, Q Cup Philippines still got you covered. They have a dish called Freestyle Breakfast, where the idea is you choose from their different offerings what you want with your breakfast dish. What we got was the tocino breakfast with sunny side up eggs. Again, it sounds like every other silog meal out there, but the flavors you experience with every spoonful from this dish is just sublime, something you just cant find anywhere else. The tocino and the rice alone have their own unique flavors separately, and when eaten together feels like a symphony of flavors is being played inside your mouth. Even the vinegar that comes with the meal tastes just as unique as the rest of the dish. These are just three of the new exciting dishes that Q Cup Philippines offers. Pair it with one of their special coffees, and you have the perfect combo to power up your day. Make sure to visit them at 7 West Ave, Quezon City and follow them on social media @QCupPhilippines.

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