More than just visit-worthy: House of Lechon is that restaurant you will keep coming back to

Cebu is no doubt a beaut, but here is something we could say, “When in cebu, this should be in your must-visit, must-try list”: House of Lechon. Opened their first branch in 2015, House of Lechon – Avila is already their fourth and it definitely says something about them!

With the aim to bring back the island vibe, House of Lechon – Avila aesthetics will really have your jaws dropping as it is a feast to the eyes. The Avila branch is bounded by their brand color which is turquoise, making it the most instagrammable – thanks to the colorful interiors, the funky seating options like comfy chairs, couches, and even a fun swing set!

However, their vibe and their aesthetically pleasing venue are not the only must-sees here as their food offerings are also must-tries, for sure! Starting with their Sabaw ng Mais Og Kinason you know you are in for a tasty journey of a ton of drool-worthy dishes.

Baked Scallops

 Moving onto some easy munchies, you better kick this off with a healthy twist like their Crispy Kangkong and then go a bit rebellious with their Baked Scallops as well as their Ginabot which we absolutely adored as it was really crispy and crunchy.

Having a taste of what the waters can give you will no doubt make you crave for more and we really cannot blame you with that so better satiate your palate with House of Lechon’s Grilled Tangigue/Tuna Belly that has this melt-in-your-mouth feel in every bite.

And I know you are wondering how come we are not talking about any lechon dishes when we are literally at a restaurant named House of Lechon. Well, hold your horses because we will be dropping a bunch of lechon goodies you would not be able to stop yourself from gobbling down.

Their Lechon 1 Kilo is absolutely a classic we sure would keep coming back to when we get ourselves back to Cebu as well as its adventurous sister, their Spicy Lechon, which is as juicy and as tender like the first you had it.

But those are not the only lechon treats you can have here at House of Lechon because you have a variance of delectable delicacies that are lechonified such as their Lechon Sisig  and their Lechon Paksiw which both had us happily full.

Oreo Mango Float
Halo Halo

After devouring all there savories in one seating, we feel like treating our humongous sweet tooth extra special by having their Sticky Rice with Mango and Latik along some sugary cold treats like their Oreo Mango Float as well as their Halo Halo.

All in all, everything here at House of Lechon was over the top and a must-try. Truly, this is an awesome and not only worth visiting, but also coming back to restaurant, so we are really vouching for this and encourage you to try this one because you sure are to enjoy and take pleasure in each bite of every dish, that you would probably take some home, too!

Check out what more you could get. Here is House of Lechon’s menu:

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Featured Branch: House of Lechon – Avila

Address: Don Jose Avila St., Cebu City, 6000 Cebu

Contact Number: (032) 328 5489

Hours of Operation: 10AM to 10PM

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