Morgano Restaurant is serving delicious surprises weekly

Let us tell you about our last visit in Tagaytay—it was like we went to a fiesta. We just indulged in all our cravings. We really gave ourselves everything we wanted and more. Tagaytay, really, is the place for us, you know? We go there when we need a break from anything and everything, to tell you honestly. It’s at least just a two-hour drive from the Metro and we get to go on our favorite activity which is also known as food adventure. 

Morgano Restaurant

And while we were just looking for a restaurant in Tagaytay that we haven’t been to, we remembered Morgano Restaurant. Frankly speaking, we have heard about Morgano Restaurant, specifically all the good things people have said about them and so, it’s just right timing that we are already in Tagaytay since they are located at Arnoldus Rd. Tagaytay. 

Morgano Restaurant

Morgano Restaurant is a homey and cozy al fresco restaurant highlighting Mediterranean style of cooking while also using local ingredients. Chef Peter Morgan started Morgano Restaurant as a passion project in December 2020. He used to work in a Michelin star restaurant in New York, then traveled to different parts of Europe. He then went back here to the Philippines for vacation; but unfortunately, he wasn’t able to fly back to Europe because of the pandemic and the lockdowns. As that is the case, Chef Peter Morgan decided to build his very own restaurant in his humble home. Hence, Morgano Restaurant was born! 

Classic Roasted Pumpkin Soup
Spinach Soup
Fried Chicken Salad

That said, let us now tell you about the lusciousness we got to indulged in when we dined with Morgano Restaurant! To start, they served us their Classic Roasted Pumpkin Soup (Php 270) which is roasted pumpkin, cinnamon with granola; their Spinach Soup (Php 250) which is spinach purée, ciabatta croutons, amd grilled onion leeks; as well as their Fried Chicken Salad (Php 260) which is fried chicken fillet, mixed tomatoes, seasonal greens, and vinaigrette. 

Right off the bat, Morgano Restaueant has taken our breath away! We are telling you, the flavors each of this dish has was just immaculate. We even saved a bit of the Spinach Soup until the very end because it was just so good, while the other two did not last long as well because we finished them in a matter of minutes! 

Spinach Crespelle
Spaghettini Pesto & Tomatoes

After the appetizers, next came in the mains, specifically the pasta dishes! Their Spinach Crespelle (Php 420) which is baked fresh crepe sheet, spinach, kesong puti with cheese fondue was such a cheesy surpise; and the Spaghettini Pesto & Tomatoes (Php 390) which is fresh spaghettini pasta, assorted blistered tomatoes, basil pesto, and mint with fresh salted buffalo cheese were both lovely and tasty dishes we could not get enough of. 

Linguine Jumbo Prawns
Garganelli with Mushroom Ragu

Meanwhile their Linguine Jumbo Prawns (Php 430) which is fresh linguine, jumbo prawns, bacon lardons, leeks, tomatoes, with scampi butter; as well as their Garganelli with Mushroom Ragu (Php 400) which is fresh garganelli, mushrooms, tomatoes, peanuts, and herbs with fresh parmesan cheese were both plates of savory goodness that had us slurping non-stop. 

Morgano Restaurant’s pasta game is no joke! Each pasta dish was crafted with quality ingredients, plus believe it or not, Morgano Restaurant only serves fresh pasta. That’s right, they make their own noodles and they are splendid! 

Blue Marlin

Other than pastas, Morgano Restaurant also served us their Blue Marlin and two of their Steaks. Their Blue Marlin (Php 490) which is grilled blue marlin fillet, sautéed mushrooms, crispy potato torta with parsely beurre blanc was absolutely exquisite and flavorful. Do take note though that this may contain fish bones, so double check before eating because we are telling you, this dish will have you lost in itself. 

Wagyu Picanha MB5

For their Steaks, Morgano Rsstaurant served us their Wagyu Picanha MB5 as well as their US Black Angus Ribeye. Both of these dishes were undoubtedly the stars of our table! Their Wagyu Picanha MB5 (Php 2000) was served with tomatoes, pesto, and an assortment of mushrooms; while their US Black Angus Ribeye (Php p990) was served with tomatoes, pesto, arugula, and mashed potatoes. Believe us, these two were heavenly. Each was hands down so tender and sumptuous, and to be frank, we dream about them until now! 


Of course, after having the time of our lives with Morgano’s savory dishes, we then moved onto their sweet enders. Their Tiramisu (Php 290) which is landy fingers soaked in kapeng barako served with unsalted kesong puti and chantilly cream; and their Affogato (Php 250) which is homemade vanilla sorbetes poured with hot kapeng barako shot were both wonderful amd delectable! These two gave us both sugar high and coffee kick that we needed to drive back to Manila. 

Morgano Restaurant is really out here bringing top-notch dishes to the table and we have Chef Morgan to clap for in regards to that. We can say that Chef Morgan is indeed hands on as he is very passionate about his craft. He works full time behind the kitchen and personally sourcing fresh ingredients during market day. Because of that, Morgano Restaurant’s menu is actually curated weekly and menu items are subject to change depending on the seasonality of ingredients. 

Make sure to visit Morgano Restaurant when you get the chance. We are telling you  you are going to have more than just a good time with them. For more information, do visit their Facebook and Instagram.

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