Ms. D’s Carrot Cakes: A single slice won’t suffice

Ms. D’s Carrot Cakes is all about cakes, cakes, and yes, you guessed it, cakes. Their selection of moist cakes are not the typical chocolate, mocha, or even vanilla ones. From their name you could probably already tell that one of their products is Carrot Cakes.

With that, their Classic Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting actually comes in 6 inches (Php 450) and 8 inches (Php 800). This crowd favorite moist cake can also have some crunch as you can opt to add Walnuts (Php 100) for when you order.

If that option is too big for you, then you can go for their Classic Carrot Loaf with Cream Cheese Frosing instead. This one is also available in both 6 inches (Php 280) and 8 inches (Php 320). Add Php 50 for Walnuts or Php 20 to have it placed in a loaf gift box which is perfect for when you want to give it to someone as a present.

Besides their Carrot Cakes and Carrots Loaves, Ms. D’s Carrot Cakes is also known for their Chocolate Orange Cake which is a zesty twist to a classic favorite! You can have this one in either a 6″ × 3″ Loaf (Php 290) or a 10″ × 7″ Pan (Php 650). Do keep in mind that this treat is only available every Sunday, so better put up a reminder on your calendar.

To know more about Ms. D’s Carrot Cakes and their products, you can check out their Facebook and Instagram Pages. You can also drop them a message to order as slots are being taken left and right.

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