Mudpie Heaven: Comfort Food Reinvented

There is only one stairway to heaven and it is in Circuit Makati, leading to this amazing restaurant that would definitely be the salvation of your sweet tooth – Mudpie Heaven.

This sweet spot is perfect for those who are trying to get away with the usual cramp and crowd of famous coffee shops. The place is a little secluded from the center of the area, so you could finally have some peace and quiet. You could easily treat it as your secret hideaway where you can just relax and enjoy a plate (or more) of their decadent desserts and mouthwatering dishes.


We immediately reached out for their Banana Nutella Shake which is a real treat for our sweet cravings. The flavors of banana and Nutella are just absolutely perfect for each other, creating that perfect blend of just-right sweetness that would make want to order another glass.


We also absolutely loved their creative Dalandan Juice and Iced Tea both of which are served with Popsicles. It’s a totally fun and inventive way of enjoying our favorite refreshments.


If you’re looking for something heavier to fill your hungry tummies, Mudpie Heaven also have these angels from above dishes that are totally amazing. Their Prawns in Skewers and Soft Shell Crab served with Garlic Crab Fat Rice may sound sinful, but we swear that it’s all worth it because it tastes absolutely heavenly.


You also shouldn’t miss their Osso Bucco Kare-Kare. Now, we already love everything kare-kare, but this dish made us fall in love even more. Served with Dirty Asian Fried Rice and their homemade bagoong, this Mudpie Heaven’s Osso Bucco Kare-Kare is an absolutely must-try.


Another one of their must-try dishes are the Bone Marrow Steak Pie, which got us really intrigued the moment it was served. But what’s even more intriguing is how divine it tastes like. Like their Prawn Skewers served with Aligue Rice, this dish maybe a tad bit sinful especially for those watching their cholesterol levels, but it’s okay to indulge every now and then, especially with a dish this good.


But of course, this trip would not be complete if we couldn’t get a taste of their sought-after mudpie. And there is only one word to utter after we took our first bite of their Mississippi Mudpie – heaven. The sweet taste of the vanilla and chocolate ice cream and thick chocolate syrup would dance in your mouth like little flying angels of sweetness. This is a total treat for all you, dessert lovers.


If you still can’t get enough, you could take home a bit of this heaven with their Doughnutella, little donut balls with sweet Nutella center. This balls of delight is perfect to enjoy as dessert in the restaurant or even as pasalubong for your family and friends.

So the next time you’re feeling down and lonely, and you just want to treat yourself to some peace, remember that dessert heaven is a place on earth, and it’s Mudpie Heaven.

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Mudpie Heaven

Address: Second Floor, Circuit Lane, Circuit Makati, A.P. Reyes Street, Olympia, Makati City
Contact Number: 02 – 793-0479
Hours of Operation: Mondays to Thursdays, 2PM to 10PM, Fridays to Sundays, 11AM to 10PM

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